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Department of Management Sciences

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Prof. Dr Max Leitterstorf

Department of Management Sciences Sankt Augustin Campus/Professor for Business Management


Department of Management Sciences


Sankt Augustin


E 135


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


+49 2241 865 107



  • Management accounting
  • Finance
  • Strategy


  • Family firms
  • Business-owning families


  • Governance
  • Succession in family firms
  • Family education


Publications in international peer-reviewed journals

  • Leitterstorf, Rau (2014): Socioemotional Wealth and IPO Underpricing of Family Firms. Strategic Management Journal; 35:751-760.
  • Leitterstorf, Wachter (2016): Takeover Premiums and Family Blockholders. Family Business Review; 29:214-230.
  • Schickinger, Leitterstorf, & Kammerlander (2018): Private equity and family firms: A systematic review and categorization of the field. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 9(4): 268-292.

Presentations at academic conferences

  • Hauber, Leitterstorf, Hagist (2016): Capital allocation in family firms; working paper; FIFU in Siegen.
  • Leitterstorf, von Wangenheim (2015): Agency costs, SEW, and the cost of debt in family firms; working paper; FIFU in Friedrichshafen.
  • Von Wangenheim, Leitterstorf, Rau (2016): Founder Influence on Dividend Policy; working paper; SMS in Berlin.
  • Wachter, Leitterstorf, Rau (2016): Signalling Theory and Share Purchases by Firm Founders; working paper; SMS in Berlin.
  • Kempers, Leitterstorf, Kammerlander (2018): Disentangling the risk behavior of family firms; working paper; EURAM in Reykjavik.
  • Schickinger, Leitterstorf (2019): Heterogeneity among Single Family Offices: An Exploratory Study; working paper; AoM in Boston.
  • Yang, Leitterstorf, Kellermanns (2018): New Venture Success - Effects of Immediate Family Members and Distant Kinship in Entrepreneurial Teams; working paper; SMS in Paris.

Practitioner-oriented studies (download possible via the indicated link)

  • Bierl, Schickinger, Leitterstorf, Kammerlander (2018): Family Office, Family Equity und Private Equity – Unternehmerisches Investieren und generationsübergreifendes Unternehmertum. Vallendar: WHU, Institut für Familienunternehmen.
  • Leitner, Leitterstorf, Kammerlander (2019): Startups und Familienunternehmen - ein Leitfaden für Unternehmerfamilien und Startup-Gründer. Vallendar: WHU, Institut für Familienunternehmen.
  • Leitterstorf, Kammerlander, Wenig (2018): Risiko in Firma und Familie - Ein Leitfaden für Unternehmerfamilien. Vallendar: WHU, Institut für Familienunternehmen.