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Student council Management Sciences StA

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Sankt Augustin




Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


+492241 865661

Opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday: from 12:00 to 13:00

What do we stand for?

For cooperation between students and professors at our university.

What do we do?

We represent you and your interests so that your studies are a complete success. That's why we need you! So come and visit us.

The departments and our team


The chairpersons lead our team and are the direct contact for members of the student council and enquiries from the university as well as sponsors. They also coordinate the meetings (always on the first Tuesday of the month during the semester), the organisation of events and the cooperation of all departments. Beyond the student council, they also take care of the committee networking, i.e. the exchange with other student councils, the student parliament and the AStA.

  • Daniel Feder-Matheis - Chair
  • Phoebe Gurbin - Deputy Chair


Our finance officers always keep an eye on the numbers. They are responsible for the budget and control all incoming and outgoing payments.

  • Nils Adebahr - Chief Financial Officer
  • Niklas Brieger - Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Ariane Hirschmann - Advisor
  • Max Landmann - Advisor
  • Isabell Arens - Advisor

Public Relations

The public relations officers deal with communication between the student council and the public. The focus is on the exchange between the Student Council and the more than 1,500 students of the Student Council. Each semester thus has a direct source for receiving up-to-date information and being informed about activities. The main communication channels are LEA, WhatsApp, Instagram and the website on the university's website.

  • Laura Knospe - Head of Unit
  • Max Landefeld - Deputy head

  • Lara Sophia Püschner - Advisor

  • Jennifer Buchmann- Advisor

First Semester Support (Bachelor and Master)

In order to give first-year students a carefree and enjoyable start to their studies, we have a separate section for this purpose. Its staff takes care of welcoming new students, the Business Studies Bachelor first semester trip and many other orientation events. In addition, they provide the first-year students with all the important information and always have an open ear for your questions.

  • Kira Bunte - Head of Unit 
  • Karl John - Advisor
  • Tilman Gayer - Advisor
  • Lena Marie Mohr - Advisor (BWL)
  • Tessa von Selchow - Advisor (BWL)
  • Merle Koch - Advisor (BWL)
  • Sophie Albrecht - Advisor (IB)
  • Luke Cunningham - Advisor
  • Paulina Hoffmann - Advisor

Campus evens and culture

The Campus Events and Culture section organises events that take place on campus. The student council invites students to the Grill&Chill in summer and the traditional Glow Out in winter. In addition, the advisors take care of events in which the student council is involved, such as the summer party. This department is very versatile due to the independent planning, preparation and implementation.

  • Lannard Schmeling - Head of Unit 

  • Jonathan Brendel - Advisor

  • Niklas Kindt - Advisor


The staff of the organisation section takes care of our office and warehouse. This includes the purchase of drinks, stock-keeping, office equipment and logistical support for the other sections.

  • Sebastian Weschenbach - Head of Unit
  • Lukas Müller - Advisor (also member of the examination board)
  • Alexander Wigge - Advisor
  • Canel Aydugan - Advisor


We also organise other events outside the university. Our Semesterending Party in Bonn is one of them.

  • Muayad "Mo" Dala - Head of Unit
  • Sophie Böhme - Advisor
  • Max Lafeld - Advisor
  • Christoph Schmitz - Advisor