Occupational Safety Specialist

Opening hours: 
Sankt Augustin on tuesdays and thursdays
Rheinbach on wednesdays
Grantham-Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
E 201
Phone Number(s): 
+49 2241 865 636
Email Address: 
thomas.anders-wilberg [at] h-brs.de
The Occupational Safety Specialist advises and supports the employer in all aspects of occupational safety, accident prevention and ergonomic workplace design

The most important tasks include:

  • investigating workplace accidents and learning lessons for accident prevention,
  • occupational safety and workplace inspections to eliminate shortcomings and improve the working environment,
  • advising on the procurement of technical equipment and the introduction of procedures and working materials,
  • advising on and supporting internal discussions when drawing up and updating risk assessments,
  • supporting training courses and information events regarding occupational safety, and
  • offering an expert opinion on the planning and installation of work stations.

Alongside the professors and heads of centralised facilities, the Occupational Safety Specialists also provide technical support for the Safety Commissioners in the performance of their duties.

Last but not least, the Occupational Safety Specialist is also a point of contact for all employees in aspects of occupational health and safety.

Their objective is to raise awareness among all those active at the university, i.e. employees, students and staff from external companies, of safe conduct.