Administrative unit 1: Facility Management, Building and Safety

Operational safety, environmental and health protection

The Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection Team is the central administrative office of the university in the Department of Facility Management, Construction and Safety for the areas of occupational safety, health, environmental protection and fire protection. It supports and advises the sections in administrative tasks and questions as well as in the implementation of tasks and measures of occupational safety, health, environmental protection and fire protection.
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Occupational Safety Specialist


Fire Prevention Officer


Company doctor

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Instruction in occupational safety, environmental protection and health protection




Operating licences

Blühender Löwenzahn

Environmental protection

Training in occupational safety and health

This year we are offering seminars and training courses in present and digital form. If you participate in seminars offered by external providers, such as the Unfallkasse NRW, please send us a copy of the certificate of participation after completing the course (

Team leader

Ute Reetmeyer

Teamleader Workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Protection, Health and Safety Officer


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