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The General Students' Committee (AStA) at H-BRS

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Sankt Augustin


C 001 (Sankt Augustin), G 103 (Rheinbach)

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The main task of the AStA is to represent the interests of the student body. The AStA organises sports activities at the university, conducts negotiations for the semester ticket on behalf of students, addresses social matters, and arranges events and initiatives which boost identification with the university. Unlike other general student committees, the AStA of H-BRS does not have any political mandate. It rather takes care of bringing together the university's relatively new campusses and encouraging a sense of identification with the university.


You are a student at H-BRS in any department and at any stage of your studies. You would like to get involved with your university and to actively help shape everyday university life. Furthermore, you are able to work in a team, are well organised and would like to find out how the university works behind the scenes?

If you are interested in getting involved with the AStA, then simply visit one of our offices, attend our next meeting or contact us on (link sends e-mail).

We can often be found in the AStA office outside the opening hours, so simply drop by! Please note that the opening hours are only applicable during the lecture period.


Because the AStA is divided into various units, it is able to make good use of people's individual strengths:

  • Those interested in social and policy aspects will come into their own in the section for higher education policy and social affairs. 
  • Anyone with a talent for organisation should consider the sports section to help extend and improve the university's sports offering.
  • Those with good written communication skills or who are familiar with media design will find themselves at home in the PR section.
  • People who are good with numbers can take on many responsible tasks in the financial unit.