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Data Publication

Research data generated in the course of a research project can be made available to the scientific community as data publication. This improves both the perception of the scientific work and the Open Science idea.

To publish a data set, it is stored in a citable form on a publicly accessible repository, provided with explanatory metadata and uniquely defined by assigning a persistent identifier (e.g. Digital Object Identifier, DOI). In addition, the data can also undergo an embargo. (Source:

Typically, in the course of a journal publication, such data sets are stored in repositories, often free of charge. Many journals require this procedure for reasons of transparency and "open science". In addition, it has been shown that scientific studies are cited more often if the underlying data is public ("The citation advantage of linking publications to research data", arXiv:1907.02565). Before a data set is published, however, copyright and other interests (data protection, guidelines) should be clarified.

However, it is also possible to publish a dataset without a corresponding scientific article. Since data publications also count as scientific publications, this allows you to increase your scientific impact.

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