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University and District Library

Guidelines for our Consultation Desk

Consultation in the li9brary - what can the library provide and what can it not? Read our guidelines.
  1. The consultation for you has the highest priority for us and we take ourselves gladly time for it. Talk to us!
  2. Our goal is to familiarize you with the services of our library in the best possible way. This includes:
  • questions about the use of the library and its electronic services
  • a strategic and effective literature search in relevant databases
  • working with reference management software
  • writing and formatting with Microsoft Word
  • fundamentals for writing a scientific work

    3. We would like to enable you to work independently. Our consultation is help for self-help
    4. We offer counselling for special user groups, e.g. scientific staff or teachers
    5. We answer questions to the best of our knowledge and continue to educate ourselves. Please understand, however, that in parts we only have to give an assessment or refrain from providing binding information. This concerns for example,
  • important decisions that can influence the grading of an examination performance, such as the methodology of your scientific work.
  • issues affecting legal or financial aspects, such as patent searches, legal information or economic data
  • specific questions regarding your research field
  • troubleshooting your own hardware

    6. Take advantage of other counselling opportunities, such as the work supervisors and the offers of the Writing Center (available in German and English)