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Hybrid Teaching

In a hybrid teaching scenario, part of the students physically attend the location with the instructors (e.g., in the lecture hall), while the other part joins online from various locations. Teaching takes place simultaneously in a physical and digital environment.

When successfully implemented, hybrid teaching allows for combining the advantages of online and in-person teaching. High flexibility, compatibility with work and family commitments, and personal interaction are compelling reasons in favor of this format, which is becoming increasingly popular in the realm of meetings.

However, be cautious, as hybrid teaching, like all other teaching scenarios, depends on the didactic concept. If the concept involves interaction and group work, the technical and didactic implementation of hybrid teaching can be more complex than purely online or in-person formats.

Dr. Ulf Ritgen and Meike Koch have embraced these challenges and offered their courses in a hybrid format. In this video, they share their experiences with the technology and their personal insights into hybrid teaching.

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Meike Koch, LL.M.

Lecturer for Media Politics and Economics

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