Publication lists on H-BRS websites

Publication lists can be integrated on H-BRS websites. For this purpose the publications are collected in a database and automatically displayed as lists.

Who can set up their own publication list?

All members of H-BRS who have a personal web page in H-BRS Drupal-CMS can include an automatically generated list of their publications.

Publication lists can also be set up for projects and institutes. The integration is possible in the research database and on simple websites.


Which data is already available?

Contributions by H-BRS authors are already collected through publisher notifications and imported to the publication server. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find the publication data by specifying membership of the H-BRS. If you would like to make sure that your publications can be found on the publication server, simply send us a short info by e-mail:

E-Mail to the library

Where is this data available?

On the publication server pub H-BRS bibliographic data is available via search and browsing in numerous collections, for example

Publication lists
Departments, institutes and facilities

What do you have to do if you want to use this service?

Notify the library about your publications so that missing titles can be added. If necessary, please tell us whether certain titles should be assigned to an institute or a project.
After the processing, you will receive a link to your list on the publication server and also the information you need to include on your H-BRS website. If you do not edit the website yourself, please contact the web editorial staff of your institution.
When new publications are added to the publication server, the list on your website is automatically updated.
Many journal and conference contributions come to the publication server through publisher notifications. You can speed up this process by reporting new publications directly to the library by e-mail.

What do you have to do if you no longer wish to use this service?

If you no longer use your publication list, please notify the library by e-mail. We will then delete the assignment of the publications to your personal collection on the publication server.

The bibliographical data of the publications will not be deleted. They may still be available for other publication lists.