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Media Technology on Loan in the videoLAB

Produktionsrucksack II - Für Fortgeschrittene (DE)
The videoLAB offers educators and students suitable technology for various application areas. Whether for video or pure audio production, for hybrid teaching scenarios, or as a supplement to digitally supported teaching. Below, we introduce you to the respective media technology.

Information for Students

Students can borrow media technology from the categories "Video Production" and "Audio Production". Media technology in the categories "Hybrid Teaching" and "Digitally Supported Teaching" is exclusively reserved for educators. The use of media technology must be in the university context.

Media Technology for Video Production

In addition to a smartphone-gimbal combination, we offer two complete production sets for video production tailored to your knowledge level.

The provided technology is suitable for the following production projects:

  • Live-action and scenic productions
  • Interviews
  • Lecture recordings
  • Tutorials and explanatory videos

Production Backpack I - The set for beginners

Produktionsequipment für Einsteiger (DE)
Production Backpack I - The set for beginners

The equipment is specifically designed for those who have little experience in handling camera and audio technology. The setup is compact, quickly assembled, and ready for use with just a few adjustments.

The set includes a tripod, camcorder, wireless microphone, and headphones.

We recommend the set to everyone who has little to no experience in video production.

Production Backpack II - The set for advanced users

Produktionsequipment II - Für Fortgeschrittene (DE)
Production Backpack II - The set for advanced users

The Production Backpack II is nearly identical to the beginner set, with the only difference being the camera. Here, you receive a mirrorless camera with a lens that offers a wide range of manual modes. Additionally, the camera can be used for professional photography.

We recommend this camera exclusively to advanced users, especially if you have experience in manual photography and video production!

Smartphone with Gimbal - For smooth movements

Mobil und Smart - Für bewegte Bilder (DE)
Smartphone with Gimbal

The equally handy set is suitable for all moving shots. The gimbal (gyroscopic suspension) stabilizes the phone and dampens the movements.

The set comes with a Samsung Galaxy S10, gimbal with gimbal stand, and chargers.

The set is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Video Tutorials for Video Technology

The videoLAB team takes the time to introduce the equipment to you personally. However, it doesn't hurt to get a brief overview of the necessary steps beforehand.

Here are the videos:

Thumbnail Kamera einstellen Video

Setting up the Camcorder

Thumbnail Stativ Aufbau leicht gemacht

Setting up the Tripod

Thumbnail Anleitung Gimbal Setup leicht gemacht

Setting up the Smartphone with Gimbal

Thumbnail Video Mikrofon Setup leicht gemacht

Setting up the Wireless Microphone

Media Technology for Audio Production

For audio production, we offer two mobile devices so you can make recordings from home. You also have the opportunity to make audio recordings with our professional podcast equipment in the videoLAB in A147 in Sankt Augustin.

The provided audio devices are suitable for the following areas:

  • Podcast production
  • Lecture recordings
  • Dubbing of video productions
  • Dubbing of screencasts

Podcast Microphone

Podcast-Mikrofon (DE)
Podcast Microphone

With the provided microphone, you can record professional voice recordings directly on your laptop or computer. The set includes the microphone, a table stand, and a USB cable.

We recommend the podcast microphone for podcast productions, general voice recordings, and for dubbing screencasts.

Mobile Audio Recorder

Zoom-Rekorder (DE)
Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

The Zoom H5 recorder serves as a portable recording device. You can hold the device during your recordings or place it on the table. Recording is done through the microphone attached to the top. The operation is also quickly learnable. The set includes the recording device, a pop filter, and a charging cable.

We recommend the set for podcast and mobile audio production.

Hand Recorder

Zoom H1n

The Zoom H1n handheld recorder serves as a portable recording or dictation device. The set includes the recording device, a pop filter, and a charging cable.


We recommend the set as a dictation device for interviews or surveys.

Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone

Lavalier Microphone

The lavalier microphone can be directly connected to the smartphone. The recording is then done directly through your phone; your device may already have a suitable app. For newer models with USB-C connections, an adapter is needed, and it can be borrowed.

A lavalier microphone is preferable in most cases to the integrated microphones in the devices.

Video Tutorial for Audio Technology

We are happy to introduce the audio equipment to you personally. For a brief overview, here's a video tutorial for our mobile audio recorder:

Thumbnail Video Audiorekoder Setup

Setting up the Mobile Audio Recorder

Media Technology for Hybrid Teaching

For hybrid teaching, we offer sets for different teaching scenarios. You can, of course, combine the sets or supplement them with individual elements. The videoLAB team will also accompany you in your first hybrid event and assist you in setting up the technology.

The available equipment for hybrid teaching not only allows you to conduct your event simultaneously in analog and digital but also enables your students to engage in direct interaction.

The sets for hybrid teaching support:

  • Communication between the two student groups both audibly and visually
  • Additional transmission of different media such as boards, whiteboards, etc.
  • A lively teaching style where you are not tied to the lectern

Catchbox Set

Equipment Hybride Lehre- Catchbox und 180° Kamera (DE)
Catchbox Set - Catchbox and 180° camera

The set requires no elaborate briefing and is quickly deployable. It consists of the Catchbox, including a speaker microphone, and a 180° camera that can be directed, for example, towards the lecture hall.

No prior knowledge is required for using the devices.

We recommend this set if you want to give your on-site students the opportunity to be heard and seen online as well.

You also have the option to rent the camera and Catchbox separately.


Die Meeting-Owl (DE)

The Meeting-Owl is a smart 360° camera with targeted zoom functionality. It automatically focuses on speaking individuals. The camera only needs to be connected to the streaming computer and selected as the meeting camera.

The set includes the Meeting-Owl, a power supply, and a USB cable.

The operation is almost self-explanatory (Plug & Play) and is suitable for all basic hybrid scenarios.


ZiEL-Kit (DE)

The ZIEL-Kit includes, among other things, a speaker microphone, a controllable camera with a tripod, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Detailed information about the ZIEL-Kit can be found here.

The kit is particularly suitable for elaborately planned teaching events that involve the use of different media.

Video Tutorials for Hybrid Technology

Meike Koch and Ulf Ritgen present hybrid technology in two videos. The two had the opportunity to use this in their courses. If you are still unsure, feel free to check out their experience report.

Here are the videos:

Thumbnail Video hybride Lehre mit Catchbox

Using the Catchbox

Thumbnail hybride Lehre die Grundausstattung

The 180° Camera and the ZIEL-Kit in Action

Thumbnail Video hybride Lehre mit Catchbox

Hybrid Teaching – A Format with Potential

Technology for Digitally Supported Teaching

To complement traditional face-to-face teaching, we offer additional equipment for digitally supported teaching.

With the following technology, you can implement various formats:

  • Production of screencasts
  • Production of pencasts
  • Videos with animation
  • Tutorials
  • Graphic creation

iPad Pro and Surface Pro

Surface Pro 4

Both devices can easily create screen and Pencasts. The sets also include, among other things, a stylus, case, power supply, adapter, and USB cable.

The use of the devices is generally quickly learnable and requires no special knowledge.

Graphics Tablet

Wacom Graphics Tablet

With the handy graphics tablet, you can create your own graphics and no longer worry about copyright. The set includes, in addition to the tablet, a drawing pen with holder and case, a stand, as well as a case and necessary cables.

Gooseneck Stand

Schwanenhalsstativ (DE)
Gooseneck Stand

The gooseneck stand is rented as a single element. It is used in the production of videos using the overhead technique or tutorials. In this case, the stand is attached to the edge of the table, and the smartphone is clamped at the top.

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