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Security research - detection of explosives

Terrorism is a danger that our society can be confronted with at any time and anywhere. Explosive substance systems currently represent a major threat potential here. A large number of attacks prove the use of ever new energetic substance mixtures. There is a great need for powerful detectors which can distinguish explosive substance systems (hazardous substances) from other materials on site within a very short time and which can also provide information about the sensitivity to energetic initiation.
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The subject of the project presented here, within the framework of Campus to World - Subproject A, is the technology validation for the detection of energetic systems. Within the scope of the project, a demonstrator was developed in cooperation with the industrial partners, with which it is possible to differentiate explosive substances and substance mixtures from inert ones (Figure 1). The evaluation algorithm works library-free, which means that home labs and novel mixtures can be detected in addition to known substances.  The system relies on a combination of rapid sample heating and a sensor array consisting of chemical and physical sensors. By cooperating with industry partners, a mobile and cost-effective rapid identification system could be constructed. The newly developed sampling system offers the possibility to take samples of suspicious substances without mechanically stressing the sample (Figure 2). The use of disposals guarantees clean sampling and thanks to the touch screen with intuitive control, operation is possible without training.

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The Institute for Detection Technologies (IDT) of the H-BRS provides the know-how in the field of explosives detection (process control, evaluation algorithms, laboratory tests) required for the implementation. Partners for the implementation are the companies Innovatec (development of the control and evaluation hardware and software) and Explotech (construction of the hardware).

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