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Vice President Transfer, Innovation and Sustainability (VP4)

Campus to World - The project

The Campus to World transfer project has received five-year funding since 2018 by the state-federal initiative "Innovative Hochschule".
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The Innovative University initiative

The Innovative University promotes the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology from universities to benefit business and society and produce innovations. As part of this initiative, the Campus to World project at H-BRS was selected as one of 29 transfer projects in Germany.

The Campus to World project

Campus to World ramps up our transfer activities to share our expertise with interested businesses and society and to discuss cooperation options. We rely on stable partnerships with actors in our region. 

The core elements of Campus to World are the network and innovation managers of the Transfer Network (Transfernetzwerk) and our Innovation Mall. Innovation Mall is a website for networking and exchange to facilitate the transfer of ideas into and out of the university as well as cooperations.  

Further sub-projects of Campus to World


Corporate cooperation for visualisation: new technologies for SMEs

Virtual visualization plays an increasingly important role in getting of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) ready for the digital transformation. Visual computing covers a wide range, from virtual, augmented and mixed reality to computer graphics, computer vision and other areas.

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Municipal partnerships: cooperation with a rural pilot municipality

Urbanization causes rural regions to become less attractive. Studies show, however, that municipalities cooperating with regional universities prosper in the long term. Working with our pilot municipality Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, we have been developing transferable strategies and tools for the sustainable development of rural areas.

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Citizen science: eye-to-eye with citizen researchers

Cooperate, research, educate: the goal is to facilitate eye-level knowledge transfer between researchers and citizens. Interested citizens can get actively engaged and articulate problems with the researchers, collect data and analyze and apply it together.


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Responsibility Forum: Open exchange about ethical questions in research

Researchers often discuss only among themselves, while their work has extensive effects on society, both positive and negative. The Responsibility Forum (Forum Verantwortung) gives participants the chance to discuss questions around ethics and responsible behaviour with public figures.

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Exchanges in security research: cooperation with security agencies

Safety and security research aims to improve public security by developing new technical solutions.