SME Management and Business Succession

A small business, but a great significance.
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CENTIM supports medium-sized companies with scientific know-how (Photo: Unsplash).

Small and medium-sized enterprises represent the foundation of German economy. Particularly noteworthy are the hidden champions of the German SME sector, which hold a leading global position in their respective markets. These medium-sized companies should therefore not be underestimated and are characterized above all by a strong capacity for innovation and a strong management.

CENTIM has taken up the support of medium-sized companies as a central field of activity. Taking into account the specific industry and company structures, the institute helps to achieve sustainable economic success. In doing so, CENTIM offers research-based solutions for medium-sized companies by also creating new intersections and collaborations with, for example, the Insitute of Visual Computing (IVC). In addition, companies have the opportunity to clarify important research questions through cooperative research projects together with practice, e.g. by assigning bachelor and master thesis topics.


The new Competence Center for Corporate Succession (German: Kompetenzzentrum für Unternehmensnachfolge: KfU) also offers a new point of contact for medium-sized companies in terms of support and research in the field of succession of German family businesses as part of CENTIM's SME management.

Competence Center for Corporate Succession 

The succession of German family businesses is an extremely current topic. Forecasts show that by 2022, around 30,000 family businesses will be looking for a successor each year. This is a significant increase of 36% compared to the 2010 forecast. The planning, management and control of business succession has therefore never been as important as it is today.

Recording of the event #UnternehmenNachfolgen of the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, the IHK NRW and the Chamber of Crafts Cologne with Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiesehahn from the Competence Center for Business Succession of CENTIM (German).

The Competence Center for Corporate Succession is assigned to the CENTIM's field of work SME Management. It focuses on application-oriented research and teaching in the field of corporate succession as well as on the transfer into corporate practice. For this purpose we offer:

  • training and further education formats that are tailored to the needs of the respective target groups,
  • prepare studies, expert reports and evaluations,
  • conduct contract research and
  • pursue our own research projects.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiesehahn

Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften Campus Sankt Augustin
BWL, insb. Rechnungswesen und Controlling
Mitglied des Vorstands am BRS Institut für Internationale Studien
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
andreas.wiesehahn [at]


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