Accreditation of higher education institutions and programs is an external means of assuring higher education quality. The aim is to ensure quality in teaching and education, improve international comparability and create transparency.

All study programs at the Department of Management Sciences successfully reaccredited until 2027

All study programs at the Department of Management Sciences at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences have officially been reaccredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study programs (AQAS) in 2020. AQAS accreditation verifies the quality of a program of study and creates transparency. The accreditation process considers whether subject-related quality standards are fulfilled and the manageability of the program. AQAS accreditation thus helps ensure international comparability and recognition and provides a reliable reference point for candidates wishing to apply for the program. 

MBA Program "CSR & NGO Management" successfully reaccredited

The MBA in CSR & NGO Management program is accredited by the independent accreditation organization AQAS, the official German agency for the accreditation of study programs The first accreditation for the Master of Business Administration in CSR & NGO Management program was approved in September 2009 and has been extended until September 2021. The subsequent re-accreditation of the MBA Program took place in December 2020 by AQAS. 

We are pleased to announce that our program has been successfully reaccredited until 2027 and has been awarded the AQAS Seal of Quality. 

Criteria for Program Accreditation by AQAS

The AQAS-Criteria are divided into seven domains:

  1. Policy and procedures for quality assurance
  2. Quality of the curriculum
  3. Learning, teaching, and assessment of students
  4. Student admission, progression, recognition, and certification
  5. Teaching staff
  6. Learning resources and student support
  7. Information

To facilitate the work of HEIs and experts, AQAS defined several indicators for the criteria. The MBA program staff has fulfilled the indicators for the above criteria.

General information about AQAS

AQAS is an independent and professional agency for external quality assurance in the field of higher education with a long-standing tradition and vast experience, mainly in the accreditation of programs and institutions in Germany and internationally. AQAS is supported by more than 80 member institutions, both higher education institutions (HEIs) and academic associations. Its services are aimed at HEIs. AQAS was founded in 2002 and has accredited more than 7,000 study programs, including numerous programs outside of Germany. In January 2009 AQAS also started accrediting quality assurance systems of HEIs both in Germany and abroad.

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