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Institute for IT-Service (ITS)

DIAS system used by Hochschule Bonn-Rhein Sieg

DIAS (Data, Information and Archiving System) is a system developed in-house by Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences for managing data transport and processing/storing data.

The IT service department sends H-BRS staff their access data by e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact .

DIAS relieves some of the staff workload when implementing processes. Processes such as requests for leave of absence and orders for office materials are executed more quickly with no need for paper. This transparency ensures that the process initiator is kept informed and can monitor the process.

Some of the processes that can be executed with DIAS are described below:

Requests for leave of absence

Staff can request leave of absence using this workflow.

Time off in lieu / time correction

This workflow enables staff to request time correction or time off in lieu; after being approved by the respective superior, the request is then entered by the HR department.

Routing slips

When a new staff member is appointed at the university, this workflow is initiated to notify all the administrative departments involved in setting up the new staff member.

Booking self-drive vehicles

The university has a pool of several vehicles. This workflow ensures that they are used efficiently and enables individual staff to book individual vehicles.

Office materials

The generic term “office material” encompasses several workflows implemented when ordering office materials and updating office material lists in DIAS. Orders placed by staff are grouped by supplier and sent to the corresponding companies.


Authorised staff can access student statistics here.

Company Day

Every year, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg organises a Company Day attended by various local companies. This serves to facilitate communication between students and businesses.


This workflow organises services for students after they have enrolled. These include printing student ID, providing specific data for department administrators and the library, and setting up e-mail and dial-up accounts. Workflows for name changes, course changes and de-registration are also being planned.

Student ID

This workflow can be used to review each student ID and issue new ones in the event of loss. The new ID data is then automatically made available for the library and barrier system.

Examination registration

Students can now register online for most examinations at the university. In the latest version, students receive a personalised overview of the examinations to be taken in a given semester, the conditions which must be fulfilled for admission to the examination, and those which have already been fulfilled.

Examination schedule

Examination schedules can be sent from the departments to the Examinations Office using this workflow. The data is then imported into HIS-POS. This workflow ensures that current registration figures are made available to each department during and after the exam registration period.

Grades list

Grades lists are issued in the Examination Office then sent to the professors and department administration offices responsible. Lists can then be printed to check attendance, for example. Data can also be imported and exported to and from Excel. Completed grades lists are then returned to the Examination Office, where the data is then imported into HIS-POS.


Students at the university can access their current transcripts using the part of the SIS (Student Information System) workflow system intended for them. This displays a list of the examinations passed and provides an overview of the student's progress to date.

Certificate/academic achievement lists

Lecturers can import certificates of participation from programs such as Excel and Word and forward them to the Examination Office, where they are entered automatically.

Registration for compulsory electives, work placements and language courses

The staff responsible in each department can use this workflow to provide students with information and the opportunity to register for courses or work placements. It can then be used to access registration data during and after the registration period. This information can also be sent to the lecturer directly.

Depending on the department, various restrictions can be put in place such as limitations on numbers or registration for just one of a group of possibilities.

Intensive language course

The Language Centre, Registrar’s Office and finance department all work together to prepare the intensive language course. This workflow was developed to structure and coordinate this process more efficiently.

DSH language examination

The Language Centre, Registrar’s Office and finance department all work together to prepare for the DSH language examinations. This workflow was developed to structure and coordinate this process more efficiently.