Infrastructure for car charging stations - ELaBoR

A strategy for the gradual extension of car charging stations in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis

Project description

The goal of this project was to develop a strategy in order to extend the infrastructure of car charging stations in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis.  Based on goals set by the government and information about the distribution of the car density in the area of interest, scenarios for the extension between 2016 and 2020 have been identified. In order to achieve these goals, the number of charging stations has to be raised successively from 256 (in 2016) to a number of 935 in 2020. Therefore, a grid map for the distribution of charging stations for electronic cars and bicycles had to be created.

Also so called "points of interest" (POIs) (tourist attractions, leisure time facilities, etc.) as well as park-&-ride stations have been taken into account. All those options have been ranked according to their priority and their individual traffic data. The current distribution of charging stations has been investigated beforehand. With the help of an algorithm, the best positions and distributions for charging stations have been determined. Though, further analysis is necessary in order to bring these proposals into practise. Therefore, a guildeline has been developed and tested in a workshop for the locations "Königswinter" and "Bonn City Centre".


Project manager at H-BRS

Prof. Dr Stefanie Meilinger

Sustainable Technologies, especially Renewable Energies and Energy
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
stefanie.meilinger [at]

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