CitizenLabs – Sustainable participation and research

Thursday 7 October 2021 - 16:00 to 18:00
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Researchers are increasingly using the expertise of citizens to tailor their research topics to their needs. The interest of citizens in participating in these formats is also growing.
Mehrere Menschen stehen im Feld und messen die Feuchtigkeit der Erde
Hands hold tools. In the background is a ground with foliage. Source: Helmut Gaßmann

They are increasingly seizing the opportunity to become actively involved and work with researchers to develop questions, collect data, and jointly analyze and apply them. This form of collaboration and exchange often takes place in so-called "citizen labs" or "CitizenLabs," mostly in the form of transfer, dialog and participatory formats. Here, scientific, technical and socially relevant issues are addressed and examined from different perspectives.
Science needs the support of the people for whom it conducts research. In this context, sustainability is an important topic. The implementation of national and global climate protection and sustainability goals starts at the local and regional level with each individual.
During the event, four successful practical examples from the topic area will be presented. Afterwards, citizens are invited to present and discuss their own ideas.

Target group: public
Contact person: Dr. Regina Eich-Brod /FZJ
Organiser: CitizenLab „Energie und Ressourcen“ im Rahmen des Campus to world-Projekts
Event language: German
Registration: registration required

This event will take place online in any case.

This is an event as part of the action week of the initiative "Respect! Time for Diversity, Time for Sustainability".