Functions of the SIS

Information on the Senate

You can call up information on the Senate by clicking on the subheading "Information". Please save on your computer any files that cannot be opened by your browser. These files can be saved with the appropriate ending (the Save dialogue box opens automatically). E-mails can be saved with the ending ".msg", then viewed in MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express.

Printing out your current transcript

The SIS system can also display a list of all the examinations and coursework you have completed so far. This can be printed out or simply viewed on-screen. You can choose from two types of transcript:

  • Results of all examinations and coursework passed 
  • Results of all examinations and coursework, both passed and failed

The second list also includes examinations that you have signed up for, but not yet taken (being examinations held at the end of the current semester or at the beginning of the next). Please be aware that the lists of grades obtained through the SIS system are only for your personal information. An official academic transcript on letter-headed paper (e.g. for applications for employment or further study) can be obtained from the Examinations Office, either personally or by post (on request).

Signing up for examinations

You can register for your examinations online via the SIS system (during the registration period only), with the exception of courses where registration is compulsory. Information on compulsory registration will be displayed on noticeboards and sent out by e-mail at the appropriate time. After your registration has been processed you can find detailed information on the exams you are expected to take in the folder marked "Examination information" at reception. If you find any errors, please contact the Examinations Office immediately.

Examination results

Please get your exam results via the SIS system by looking at your current transcript. Your results will be available a maximum of six weeks after the exam. The examinations office will not release results over the telephone.

You will find all contact details, as well as the individual staff members responsible for the exams of each course, in the Examinations Office.