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Graduate Institute

Our PhD Students

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77 doctoral students are currently working on their doctoral projects at the H-BRS. In addition, there are doctoral students who are conducting research at external institutions and receive academic supervision at the H-BRS.

Our PhD Students

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PhDs in the Department of Natural Sciences

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PhDs in the Department of Management Sciences

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PhDs in the Department of Computer Sciences


PhDs in the Department of Social Policy and Social Security Studies

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PhDs in the Department of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

Total number of ongoing PhD projects at the H-BRS (1.1.2024):
of which 40 male, 37 female

The figures refer exclusively to validated doctoral projects with both a working title and a supervisor at H-BRS plus secondary supervisor(s) . The H-BRS thus applies comparatively high standards in counting the number of doctoral projects.

Number of ongoing doctoral supervisions in the individual departments:
21 in the department of Management Sciences
13 in the department of Computer Sciences
19 in the department of Engineering and Communication
20 in the department of Natural Sciences
4 in the department of Socal Policy and Social Security Studies

In 2023, a total of fifteen doctorates were successfully completed, four in the department of Management Sciences, five in the department of Computer Sciences, two in department Engineering and Communication and four in the department of Natural Sciences. 

Current and completed PhD Projects

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Hall of fame: Completed PhDs

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PhD Projects in the Research Database

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The podcast series "Abenteuer Promotion" has been produced by the Graduate Institute on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. The interviewees are all at different stages on the way to their goal: the doctorate.

They talk about expectations and difficulties or about the importance of networks and the trigger to start the adventure. They give tips about what they each consider important: For all those who are still in the planning stages of a doctorate, or who have also already embarked on the journey and are facing their first challenges. 

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RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering. The H-BRS has been successfully recruiting scholarships from the DAAD's RISE Germany programme since 2011. RISE Germany arranges research internships for North American, British and Irish Bachelor students at universities and non-university research institutions in Germany. The programme is funded by the Federal Foreign Office and through cooperations.

PhD Banner

What are our doctoral researchers actually working on? 

Since 2019, large-format banners initially on our bicycle racks and on our homepage with catchy slogans have provided more visibility for our doctoral projects. In 2021, smaller versions were added on the pedestrian bridge to huma. In 2022, we digitised our banners and they regularly run across the large LED display at the main entrance in Sankt Augustin.


Our PhD Representatives

The Graduate Institute cooperates intensively with the doctoral students of the university. For this reason, the plenary assembly of doctoral students elects their representatives every year. Two doctoral researchers accompany the work of the Institute Council, and two others take on the role of liaison between the GI and doctoral researchers and act as contact persons.