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PhD Alumni

The H-BRS has already accompanied more than 60 young scientists on their way to a doctorate. We are proud of this and would like to stay in touch.

What we offer our PhD Alumni

PACT 2023 PhD Alumni Come Together

Wir freuen uns, dass wir bereits über 60 Doktorinnen und Doktoren auf ihrem Weg zur Promotion begleiten durften. Für diese wachsende Gruppe der PhD-Alumni findet seit 2023 ein eigenes Ehemaligentreffen statt. Bei Workshops zu überfachlichen Themen und gemeinsamem Essen gibt es Gelegenheit, sich wiederzusehen oder neue Kontakte zu knüpfen. 

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Stay a part of H-BRS and share your experiences with other alumni and former doctoral students. Our H-BRS alumni network offers numerous services and regular events for all H-BRS alumni. The Graduate Institute also maintains contact with its postdocs and aims to promote networking among successful PhD students.

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Starting up is a big topic at the H-BRS. The CENTIM Institute and the Start-Up Manufaktur offer extensive support and the Business Campus is already home to numerous successful start-ups from our own ranks.

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Since 2001, the largest career fair in the region has been held annually in November at the Sankt Augustin campus. As a career starter, you will find more than 200 potential employers here - or you can present your company and find suitable personnel among our graduates.

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Achieved the doctorate? That's the first hurdle on the way to a professorship at a university of applied sciences. Find out what other requirements you need to fulfil in order to become a university lecturer and why it is worthwhile to teach at a university of applied sciences.

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The career guide of the Centre for Science and Technology Transfer, which was developed in cooperation with the Graduate Institute, is aimed in particular at international graduates. Career planning and career entry in Germany are explained here in an understandable way. Legal aspects are also considered.


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