Modules for PhD students and supervisors

"Science without conscience means the downfall of the soul." (Francois Rabelais, circa 1494-1553)
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

For PhD students the Graduate Institute offers a variety of qualification possibilities. The PhD study program is structured into the following competence fields:

  • Expertise
  • Interdisciplinary expertise
  • Interdisciplinary research expertise
  • Leadership and communication skills

The competence fields are divited into different modules. They can vary every year but in principle they orientiate the following themes:

  • Conference participation
  • Creation of third-party funding applications
  • Development of a research proposal
  • Ethics of science
  • Exercises and internships
  • Intellectual networks and legal aspects of online publications
  • PhD-Day, PhD-Exhibition
  • Project management
  • Research methodology
  • Scientific writing
  • Specific expertise
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics in Research

Individual Appointments:

  • Intellectual Property Right Protection (IPR) (Roland Wünsch, ZWT)
  • Systematic Individual Business Coaching (Frank Uhland)
  • Proofreading (Anne Wegner)
  • Advanced Statistics (Prof. Dr. Marlis von der Hude)

The prerequisite for taking advantage of individual counseling in Proofreading and Statistics is prior attendance of the courses "English Wirting Day" and "Statistics in a Nutshell".

Are you interested in individual Appointments concerning IPR, coaching, proofreading oder advanced statistics? Please let us know, so we can help you.