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Graduate Institute

Qualification Modules for PhD students

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We prepare our doctoral students for the various phases and challenges of the doctorate, but also for a career in science, industry or public authorities.

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Workshops, Talks and Information Sessions



Der gelungene Umgang mit Forschungsdaten - Schulung für Promovierende am PK NRW

Eine kurzweilige Einführung in den Umgang mit Forschungsdaten. Wir stellen Methoden und Werkzeuge vor, mit denen Sie Ihr Forschungsdatenmanagement erfolgreich umsetzen können.

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The publication game: Research Methods for PhDs

In this interactive workshop, our Canadian  professor Kenneth Kent will introduce you to research methods on a postgraduate level with a special focus on publishing. It is open to PhDs of all departments and to PhDs from H-BRS  as well as guests from Promotionskolleg NRW. 

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Workshop Ethik und Verantwortung in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft

Der Workshop Ethik und Verantwortung in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft ist eine der beiden Pflichtveranstaltungen für alle Promotionsprogramme im Promotionskolleg NRW. Er richtet sich sowohl an alle Promovierenden der H-BRS, egal ob kooperativ oder nach neuem Promotionsrecht, als auch an promovierende PK-Mitglieder anderer Hochschulen.

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The Graduate Institute offers its members a wide range of qualification opportunities. The voluntary offer for doctoral students includes scientific working techniques as well as leadership and communication skills and subject-specific and interdisciplinary topics.

Some modules are "classics" and are offered annually, e.g.:

Development of a research proposal
PhD seminars, PhD project exhibition
Scientific writing
Project management
Scientific presentation
Predatory publishers
Other modules are offered on a one-off basis or at longer intervals:

Preparation of proposals for external funding
Intellectual networks and legal aspects of online publications
Science ethics
IMPORTANT: Let us know your topic preferences

As a doctoral student, you know your own needs best and we are happy to accommodate individual topic requests. These may also be topics that are only relevant to individual subject areas. Find 5 or more like-minded people who are interested in the topic and contact us! 

Individual Consultation:

Intellectual Property Right Protection (IPR)
Systematic Individual Business Coaching
Advanced Statistics
The prerequisite for individual counselling on the topics "Proofreading" and "Statistics" is prior attendance of the corresponding courses "English Writing Day" and "Statistics in a Nutshell".

Are you interested in individual Appointments concerning IPR, coaching, proofreading oder advanced statistics? Please let us know, so we can help you.

Further workshops can be attended together with doctoral candidates from other HAW via the Doctoral College NRW. The complete programme for members can be found here.

At the H-BRS, the International Digital Studium Generale (DISG) offers students and doctoral researchers the chance to expand their own intercultural competence from the couch. 


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Miriam Lüdtke-Handjery

MSc MA, Graduate Institute: Scientific Advisor , Department of Computer Science: Project Cyber Campus NRW


Sankt Augustin


F 423


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin