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Tue, 30. May 2023

Legacy Study 2023: The invisible burden of women

What is the situation in our society regarding the compatibility of family and career? The Social Science Research Center Berlin conducts representative surveys at regular intervals, such as the "Legacy Study: The Invisible Burden of Women" in 2023

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Fri, 26. May 2023

Barbara Hillen until 2027 Central Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Dr. Barbara Hillen has been appointed Central Equal Opportunity Commissioner at H-BRS for a further four years until the end of May 2027. University President Hartmut Ihne now presented her with the certificate of appointment.

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Equal Care Day

Fri, 24. February 2023


Am 01.März macht die Initiative klische*esc e. V. mit ihrem Aktionstag auf die mangelnde Wertschätzung von Fürsorgearbeit aufmerksam.

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Mon, 09. January 2023

Why we need more women in technical studies

The number of women in technical courses such as mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering is quite low here in Germany How bad is this really and what impact does it have on our society?

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