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Equal Opportunity

WISE - Women in Cyber Security

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The network for female students of the study program Cyber Security

Working in cybersecurity means helping to protect and improve the world around us. Key skills are not exclusively technical understanding or knowledge of programming. Analytical and communication skills are essential in cybersecurity.
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Finally, those who are able to look at problems from several sides and communicate with people from different professional contexts and in different functions will be successful. Without wishing to reproduce stereotypes, we observe that women and students in particular have a keen awareness of problems as well as very good communication skills. In order to promote the potential of this group, the Equal Opportunity Officer of H-BRS 2021 founded "WISE - Women in Cybersecurity".


What does WISE offer? Meetings with exciting role models, excursions to companies and non-university institutes, reflection and networking with like-minded women.

What do we expect from female students? Openness, commitment, and the willingness to get involved and take advantage of what is on offer.


News from the WISE


WISE Women in Cyber Security zu Gast bei der Deutschen Welle

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Neues Netzwerk WISE (Women in Cybersecurity) gegründet


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Barbara Hillen-Haas

Central Equal Opportunity Officer, Scientific staff member


Sankt Augustin




Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin