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Graduation Ceremony 2023

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The next graduation ceremony for H-BRS graduates of the Academic Year 2022/2023 will take place on October 21, 2023 at the Telekom Dome in Bonn. Find all information on this site.

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Course of the graduation ceremony (subject to modifications)

  • 1:30 pm: Ecumenical Service
  • 2 pm: Start of admission Telekom Dome for all guests
  • 4 pm: Start of the ceremony with traditional hat throwing
    All graduates are assigned a specific seat; the accompanying persons have free choice of seats – please take your seats in good time!
  • approx. 6 pm: Start of the get-together, handing out decorative certificates
    The get-together will take place at the foyer and in the upper aisles of the Telekom Dome; you can buy drinks and food and end the day together with family and friends, surrounded by live music and DJ-Tunes.
  • 10 pm: End of the event

Invitation, registration

Here you will find all information about invitation and registration for the graduation ceremony.


A personal invitation will be sent to graduates whose degree is registered with the Examinations Office.  If you graduate just before the end of the academic year (which is 30 September), you will not receive a personal invitation. In this case, please register online; the form provides a corresponding self-declaration.


Registration is only possible online. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please make sure that you enter a correct and valid e-mail address. Please bear in mind that your smail address will be deleted shortly after your exmatriculation.


The closing date for registration was 8 October 2023. A registration for this year´s graduation ceremony is no longer possible.

Registration even if graduation has not been registered yet

Prospective graduates planning to graduate by September 2023 at the latest will not receive a personal invitation. However, they can and should already register for the graduation ceremony. The online form contains a self-declaration for them.

Subsequent change of registration

The confirmation e-mail after registration contains all the data of your registration. If you want to change your registration afterwards, please forward your confirmation e-mail to and write us which parts you ask to get changed.

Accompanying persons, children at the graduation ceremony

You may bring up to seven accompanying persons. Of course, you can bring children to the celebration. Please be aware that you will be responsible for their supervision. There is no childcare provided on site. Please keep in mind that the ceremony starting at 4 pm offers hardly any attractive program elements for children.

Graduates of past years

Graduates who graduated in the last two years prior to the event and have not yet attended a graduation ceremony may also participate. Please also register online.
Alumni who wish to attend as regular guests, may register by writing an email to

Costs, Dresscode, Rental of Academic Clothing

Here you will find all information about costs, dresscode and rental of academic clothing.


There is no admission charge for the graduation ceremony. You will only incur a cost if you buy drinks or food on site. There is also a fee for renting gown and hat (see extra box).


We would be pleased if you, as a graduate, wear a gown and cap during the ceremony (see next box). Beside that, please wear whatever you think is appropriate for the ceremony.

Booking of academic clothing

Gowns and hats will be rented by an external service provider for a fee . If you order by Wednesday, 11 October 2023, you can still opt for advance delivery. Otherwise you will (only) have the option to pick up the academic attire before the ceremony on site in a time slot allocated by the service provider. This means - as of today - in any case a certain waiting time for you on the day of the event.

Picking up the academic clothes

You may pick up your academic attire on the day of the event or have it sent to you in advance. If you choose to pick up, you will be assigned a time for pick up and dressing. Please be sure to adhere to your pick-up time. Gown pick-up closes a half hour prior to the start of the event.

Event site, Parking, Admissions Control, Placement

Everything about the event site, parking, admissions control, Placement

Location, Parking

The location of the Telekom Dome is: Basketsring 1, 53123 Bonn (Hardtberg). There is limited parking at the Telekom Dome itself. Please primarily use the free parking spaces at the well-signposted Hardtberg-Halle (Gaußstraße and Schießstandweg).

The Ecumenical Service takes place at the protestant Matthai-Kirche, Gutenbergstraße 10, 53123 Bonn.

Entry control

There will be an admission control to get into the Telekom Dome.

Placement of graduates and their guests

You will be seated together with all graduates, grouped by department and in seats marked by name in front of the stage. For all other guests, the grandstand seats on the sides are provided (no seat reservation).

Pictures, Filming, Media

Here you will find all information about Pictures, Filming and Media during the Graduation Ceremony

Pictures and filming during the ceremony

During the graduation ceremony photos and videos will be taken and will be published on our website and in social media. You can download these pictures few days after the event - including the group picture with the throwing of the hats. By participating in the event, you and your accompanying persons agree to publication in these media.

Photo Booth of the Alumni Network

The university's alumni network also congratulates you on your successful graduation and invites you to have your photo taken with your guests in front of the university skyline. Get your picture from the photo booth printed out and use it for social media right after it had been taken.

Final picture: throwing hats

All graduates will be asked to come on stage by name for the joint hat toss and some graduation photos. These photos will be taken by a professional photographer and will be available for download on the university website within a few days. It is not necessary for your relatives to crowd to the front for pictures to be taken.

Do you have any other questions? If you did not find the information you need on this website please contact us via E-Mail to

Communications und Marketing Department (Events, Alumni)