H-BRS Editorial Staff (web)

Web admins and editors for the website of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Responsible for the umbrella pages of the H-BRS website

Head of Communications and Marketing

Michael Flacke
Tel +49 2241 865 9652
E-Mail: michael.flacke@h-brs.de

Online manager

Gabriele Neugebauer
Tel +49 2241 865 397
E-Mail: online-redaktion@h-brs.de

Online editor

Juri Küstenmacher
Tel  +49 2241 865 9712
E-Mail: online-redaktion@h-brs.de

Responsible for content of the web pages of H-BRS departments, institutes and central facilities

Project Campus to World

N. N.

Career Service

Alexandra Lopes

Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation

Andrea Schröder

Department of Natural Sciences

Jana Schuster and Frederick Fischer

Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

Sven Flessing

Department of Computer Science

Miriam Lüdtke-Handjéry and Kira Wazinski

Department of Social Policy and Social Security Studies

Andrea Jussen, Kerstin Schickendanz (Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems), Stefanie Eul, (Sustainable Social Policy), Prof. Dr. Hektor Haarkötter (Sustainable Social Policy)

Department of Management Sciences

Rainer Pieters (Sankt Augustin), Ralf Werner (Rheinbach), Anne Schaefer (Rheinbach), Sonja Atai (Sankt Augustin)

Graduate Institute

Webredaktion: Dr Rita Cornely

University and District Library Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Web Team Library

Institute for Detection Technologies

Urda Baierl-Becker

Institute for IT Service

Nadine Lewandowski, Tim Zimmermann

Institute for Management

Anne Schaefer

Institute for Media Research and Development

Patrycja Muc

Institute for Social Innovations

Prof. Dr Christoph Zacharias

Institute of Safety and Security Research

Anke Müller

Institute of Technology, Resource and Energy-Efficient Engineering

Therese Konopka, Martin Schenk

International Centre for Sustainable Development

Dr Samantha Antonini, Isabella Kern (CSR & NGO Management)

Language Centre

Jeannette Bergmann, Daniel Seibert