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The HörsaalEINS University Choir

Unlike many other university choirs, HörsaalEINS has not only helped students, but also employees and lecturers to balance out work and studies right from the beginning; thus is has extended its excellent collaboration with these three groups, which is typical of our University, to spare-time activities. Alumni and non-members of the University of Applied Sciences have become an integral part of the choir, too.

Alongside the singers, Choirmaster Dirk Eisenach has provided for companionship and musical development since 2008. In doing so, he does not only draw on his long-term practical experience as a choirmaster and singer, but also on his experience with top-class workshops and a two-year extra-occupational further training course in choral conducting for pop and jazz. Consequently, his repertoire mainly covers pop music, but is also complemented by the occasional classical piece.

If you are interested in joining in, you are very welcome to attend the rehearsals on Tuesdays from 18.30 till 20.00. As was to be expected, they are held in Hörsaal 1 (i.e. Lecture Hall 1 - "Audimax") on the Sankt Augustin campus.

Previous choir membership and excellent music reading skills will be highly appreciated, but they are not required to join our choir. However, you are expected to be able to carry a tune, to have a co-operative attitude and to listen attentively. Furthermore, you ought to be prepared to attend the rehearsals regularly - even though there is no "admission examination".
At present performances usually take place at the University of Applied Sciences: in the meantime, HörsaalEins has become an integral part of academic festivals as it knows how to walk the tightrope between entertainment and seriousness - always with respect and a wink.

For further information on the choir, please go to: