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Department of Computer Science

Digital Internationalisation of the Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is participating in the project "Digital Internationalization of the Departments" to strengthen and expand digital courses in English.

The project "Digital Internationalisation of the Faculties"(DIF) pursues the goal of expanding the range of digital courses offered in English.


Unfortunately, most Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences students do not take advantage of the offers regarding experiences abroad for various reasons. This is where the DIF project wants to start and lower the barriers to international experiences so that all students have the opportunity to benefit personally as well as professionally from international projects and cooperations. 


The project offers various approaches to support teachers in the organisation and implementation of digital courses in English.


The support can include the following service offers:

  • Preparation and follow-up of digital English-language courses
  • Advice and support for teachers in the use of digital tools (for synchronous and asynchronous delivery of content) 
  • Preparation of English-language presentations 
  • Supervision of LEA courses 
  • Advising students on the use of digital tools


Faculty and staff in the Computer Science Department can contact the DIF Coordinator directly regarding questions or comments. 

The DIF coordinator is also available as a contact person for interested students. 

Current projects involving English-speaking digital courses



DIArchitect is an online teaching platform initially developed for the "Integration Architectures"  event. The platform allows any interested person to register; this requires no special login. The instructor can then assign all registered users access rights to the desired course. The platform supports the provision of various modules composed of assignments and lectures. In addition, a glossary, a. Chatbot and a chat function for team members or the global course unit are provided. Course participants can also use checklists to check their status, create their own rows, and submit deliverables. The review of submissions and evaluation/feedback also take place with the platform's help. The platform's structure supports synchronous and asynchronous working methods and minimises barriers to international collaboration. The platform will initially be used and evaluated in the winter semester of 2022/2023 in the "Integration Architectures" course.


Summer School OS 2023

A Summer School in Operating Systems is planned for the summer semester of 2023. The  Summer School will be led by Prof. Kenneth Kent and will be in cooperation with the University of New Brunswick and York University in Toronto. The language of the event is English. The special feature of this Summer School is the two-phase structure. The first phase means remote instruction, teaching from New Brunswick and the H-BRS students participate remotely from Germany. The second phase of the Summer School will then take place on-site at the Sankt Augustin campus, and students from the partner universities will also be invited to attend this second part of the event in presence at the campus. The combination of remote and on-campus events, divided into two phases, offers the possibility of online and face-to-face cooperation and allows participants to broaden their horizons and gain international experience in different ways. The offer of this Summer School is addressed to undergraduate students of H-BRS and partner universities.