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AI workshop on the topic: Shaping future teaching - off to a successful start

FB Informatik: KI-Workshop: Gestaltung zukünftiger Lehre

Monday 19 February 2024

The rapid development of AI is creating new challenges in teaching and requires a rethink. Prof Dr Sascha Alda opened the first workshop in the Department of Computer Science at H-BRS.
KI-Workshop im FB Informatik
Prof Dr Jörn Hees (H-BRS, Department of Computer Science)

The workshops in the Department of Computer Science, which will take place regularly in the future, aim to develop innovative approaches to overcoming the challenges of AI in teaching. New solutions are to be found by means of suitable measures for organising courses and examinations. In addition, various topics and possible synergies relating to the topic of AI (not only in teaching) will be identified.

Leon Oxenfart von der Fa. Learnboost UG
Leon Oxenfart, Start-Up "Learnboost UG, Bonn"

Prof Dr Jörn Hees and his colleagues Prof Dr Paul Plöger and Tim Metzler have already conducted studies on the topic of "Using language models in teaching / computer science". Hees gave the participants a vivid presentation of future perspectives from the point of view of teachers and researchers. Leon Oxenfart from Learnboost UG, Bonn, shed light on the potential of using AI language models in a learning context from the students' perspective.

„I am more than satisfied with how the workshop went and the insights and measures that were developed. I think that everyone present was really impressed by the rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Raising awareness of the topic was valuable for all colleagues, especially with regard to the future organisation of teaching.”

Prof Dr Sascha Alda - Dean of the Department of Computer Science at H-BRS

Prof. Dr. Sascha Alda


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