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Usability-Tests on Mixed Reality at drummer's focus Köln

Drummerin am Gig-Simulator

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Students from the Visual Computing & Games Technology (MVG) Master's programme at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, University of Applied Sciences, are working on a semester-long practical project with mixed reality environments in cooperation with the Drum School "drummer's focus Köln".

Studierende des MVG des Projektes Gig-Simulator
MVG-Projectgroup "GigSim" (v.l.) Daniel Weber, David Reiter, Benedikt Ziemons and Bela Korb Photo: Javed Razzaq

For their project Gig Simulator (GigSim), the students combine a stage with an audience in a virtual environment with a real electronic drum set (e-drum).

Project setup "gig simulator" with e-drums and VR Photo: Javed Razzaq

To evaluate the project, the students were able to conduct tests with teachers and students at the drum school drummer's focus Köln.
Two different settings were compared. In the first setting, the virtual environment was projected onto a large screen and in the second one, the test persons experienced the virtual environment through VR glasses.
In each setting, they were asked to play a piece of music, the course of which was also displayed in the virtual environment.
The better the notes were hit, the more emotionally the virtual audience reacted.

„It was fun to take part in such tests as a non-computer scientist and to be able to support with our musical expertise. The interaction between the drums and the virtual environment was unusual, though. The reaction of the virtual audience was surprisingly motivating.”

Hans-Martin Chemnitz - Headmaster drummer's focus Köln

Projekt Gig-Simulator mit VR
Hans-Martin Chemnitz, Schulleiter drummer's focus Köln, with VR glasses


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