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Social Media Ambassador

Willkommen bei unseren International Office Social Media Ambassadors!

Friday 22 September 2023

Welcome to our International Office Social Media Ambassadors!

Are you an international student in Germany or have you completed an internship abroad? Are you passionate about creating engaging content for social media? Do you want to share your experiences and help others? The International Office of the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg is looking for new Social Media Ambassadors for Instagram, YouTube, and more. We eagerly await your stories!

Our Ambassadors will cover various areas:

Willkommen bei unseren International Office Social Media Ambassadors!

Outgoing Students

Create creative content that sheds light on life and studying abroad. This includes reports from your study or internship abroad, valuable tips for fellow students, and the portrayal of both the positive and challenging aspects of your international studies. We will share your contributions with a broader audience.

International Students at H-BRS

Generate creative content that provides insights into the life and study experiences of international students in Germany. Share your personal perspectives, offer advice to other international students, and showcase the daily routine at H-BRS. Your posts will include impressions from events and provide useful tips for fellow students, which we will share with a larger audience.

More about the Ambassador Program:

Who are we looking for?

  • We are seeking individuals who are self-sufficient within social networks (maintain public accounts) and generate content that we can promote to a wider audience, specifically the HBRS student community.
  • We are also open to featuring content related to your international activities if you share it directly with us. You have the choice to either provide us with your content or post it on your personal channels.

As an Ambassador, you will have a dedicated day each month to share your content on our Instagram account. You can create creative content such as posts, reels, stories, and more.

In general, your role as an Ambassador can be divided into three main stages:

  1. Introduction to the community: Introduce yourself and explain why you chose to study at H-BRS or our partner university.

  2. Showcase your daily student routine.

  3. Share insights into your life, the challenges you've faced, and practical topics like tuition fees, health insurance, scholarships, and study funding. Additionally, provide insights into your experiences for other students and introduce the unique aspects of your country to the German community, sharing your experiences!

Publication Options:

You have the flexibility to provide us with your content or post it on your own channels. We kindly ask you to mention us in the hashtags, and we will share your posts on H-BRS's social media platforms.


Monthly Meetings and Creative Freedom:

We plan monthly meetings to discuss content ideas. As long as you adhere to our guidelines and your content is related to your studies, you have creative freedom.

We expect your active participation and at least one post per month.


From our side:

We are delighted to issue you a certificate recognizing your role as an Ambassador for the International Office at H-BRS.

You will maintain close contact with the International Office and play a significant role in participating in various events organized by the office.

*Please note that the role of Ambassador is unpaid.


How to apply: Just send a brief application with a few sentences about yourself and your motivation, along with a link to your social media account, to

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.