ISF - About us

The main objective of the Safety and Security Research Institute is to realize jointly the university’s own interdisciplinary designed research projects as well as to offer an open, cross-disciplinary discussion platform. This means not only in collaboration with departments involved, but also with other interested members of the university and external partner institutions.

The intention is to point out the different aspects of Safety and Security and realize new concepts including hardware and software developments within proposed research projects. Combining and transferring the different perspectives of security and safety topics in new products provide the basis for a new focus within university’s research activities. Interdisciplinary cooperation is particularly required to turn problem-oriented research of sensor technology into product-related systems development.

In addition to the basic funding of the university, in the long term the efforts should be a continuation of already very successful research carried out by third party fundraising.

Targeting eligible students of bachelor and master degree programs will promote a close link between research and education. The opportunity provided to academic staff to undertake a cooperative doctorate is considered to be an important aspect for the successful implementation of research. The organization of a regular seminar is provided to establish a cross-project and interdisciplinary link.

The Department of Natural Sciences has established an institute for the areas of explosives detection, counter-IED and counter terrorism in the context of security research in the field of physical and chemical detection technologies. The two institutes cooperate closely.

In 2017, the Department of Computer Science and the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics opened the Cyber Security Learning Laboratory on the Sankt Augustin campus. Here, specialists and managers from industry and public authorities can receive compact trainings in the fields of detection, analysis and reaction to cyber security incidents.