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Institute for Safety and Security Research (ISF)

Our aims

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Safety and Security is seen as an essential part of the livelihoods and quality of life of individuals and society as well as a key economic and ecological factor. The broad topic portfolio of our safety and security research thus addresses the major challenges posed by social change, technical progress and increasing globalisation. A central point here is also cooperation with external scientific institutions, industrial companies or authorities in order to promote successful knowledge and technology transfer.

Interdisciplinary research platform

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The aim of the Institute of Safety and Security Research is the joint implementation of interdisciplinary research projects on the topic of security and the joint design of an open, interdisciplinary discussion platform. Joint here means with the participating departments, but also with other interested members of the university and external partner institutions.

The Research Institute ensures a close link between research and teaching by specifically addressing suitable students in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. For academic staff, the opportunity to do a cooperative doctorate provides an important basis for successfully carrying out research work. Specialist seminars serve as a cross-project and cross-departmental link.

From problem-oriented research to product-oriented system development

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We look at the different aspects of the topics of safety and security and implement them in the form of new concepts as well as hardware and software developments within our research projects. The combination of the different approaches to the topic of safety and security in new products forms the actual basis for the focus in this research area at the university. Interdisciplinary cooperation is required in particular in the context of the transition from problem-oriented research in sensor technology to system developments that are closer to the product.

Cyber Security

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In May 2017, the Department of Computer Science, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics, opened the Cybersecurity Learning Lab at the Sankt Augustin campus. Here, specialists and managers from the business world receive compact qualification on the topics of detection, analysis and response to cyber security incidents.