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SIS and Co not available on 21 and 22 September 2023

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Friday 15 September 2023

Due to necessary work in connection with the introduction of the Campus Management System HISinOne, access to several central systems of the H-BRS will not be possible on Thursday, 21 and Friday, 22 September 2023.

The system lockdown will cause significant disruptions throughout the university on both days, especially in the examination and student administration. The following systems will be unavailable during the lockdown starting at 09:00 on Thursday, 21 Septmber 2023:

  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Apollo (HISinOne)
  • partially: DIAS (functions related to the Student Life Cycle, see below)


The lock applies to all users of the above-mentioned systems:

  • all students
  • all departments
  • Language Centre
  • Examination Service
  • Registrar's Office


In particular, the following functionalities are affected by the shutdown:

  • Examination registrations and de-registrations should be completed before the system lock if possible, but can be sent to the Examination Service by e-mail during the lock if necessary. Contact details: Examination service
  • Grade transcripts, clearance and study certificates and other certificates cannot be retrieved or issued by the Examination Service or the Registrar's Office.
  • Download of the semester ticket on is not possible.
  • Workflows for the student life cycle, i.e. practical semesters, study semesters abroad, thesis registrations and other functionalities are not available.

We ask for your understanding for the temporary impairments.


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