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Simply excellent - the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. The H-BRS does its best in many areas: it takes care of the international exchange between students and with other universities, it provides optimal teaching and learning facilities at its locations and it sees the topic of equality not only as a task, but as an opportunity. Incidentally, many people are of this opinion, as evidenced not only by the growing number of our students, but also by a whole series of good evaluations and recognising awards.



H-BRS trainee Delia Radisch honoured by IHK

This autumn, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Bonn/Rhein-Sieg honoured the 45 best trainees together with their training companies for their outstanding achievements at a ceremony in the GOP Varieté Theater Bonn. Among them was former trainee Delia Radisch from the Natural Sciences department.

Fairtrade University Logo "Wir sind fairtrade university" (DE)

H-BRS again awarded as Fairtrade University

The H-BRS has once again been awarded the title of Fairtrade University by Fairtrade Germany and will now carry the title for two years. For a successful application, the universities must demonstrate their commitment to fair trade based on five criteria. These include the establishment of a steering group that offers fair trade activities and events on campus. In addition, fair trade products must be offered in campus catering as well as at meetings and official events.

Bitbots sind Weltmeister beim Robocup 2023

Robotics team from the university is RoboCup world champion

The b-it-bots team from H-BRS has won the world championship title at RoboCup 2023 in Bordeaux, France. In the @work league of the robot tournament, the team of students from the Department of Computer Science beat their opponents from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and the University of Magdeburg into second and third place. It is the second success for the H-BRS team, which had already crowned itself world champion in 2019.

Logo CHE-Ranking 400px (DE)

Business management at H-BRS well received by students

The subject of Business Administration at the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) in Sankt Augustin is rated very highly by students: In the new ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), the subject received very good marks in most categories. According to the report, students particularly like the practical phase and the career orientation programmes. For the first time, evaluations were asked about digital teaching: Here, too, the degree programme scored above average.


Audit familiengerechte Hochschule Logo

H-BRS certified as "family-friendly university" for the sixth time

The Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (H-BRS) has been awarded the title of "family-friendly university" for a further three years. The H-BRS has now successfully completed the auditing process of berufundfamilie Service GmbH for the sixth time in a row. The quality seal attests to the university's good compatibility of studies or work with family responsibilities. More>> (German)

2022-11-07 Preisverleihung Open Data Impact Award Lo Iacono und Wiefling

Researchers from H-BRS honored for their work on greater security on the Internet

The Stifterverband has awarded Professor Luigi Lo Iacono and Stephan Wiefling from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) with the Open Data Impact Award 2022. The two scientists have made a data set freely available that can be used to improve the security of Internet accounts. Software developers thus gain access to valuable data that previously only a few very large Internet corporations had at their disposal. More>>

Ehemalige Auszubildende von IHK ausgezeichnet

Former trainee Sura Tat awarded by IHK

The former H-BRS trainee Sura Tat has been awarded the best examination in her profession by the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). She was employed as a chemical laboratory assistant in the analytical and inorganic field at the Applied Natural Sciences Department in Rheinbach until 31 August. More>> (German)

20131007 HBRS Sankt Augustin Hydraulik Maschinenbau EMT

Good marks for the Master's programme Mechanical Engineering in the CHE ranking

The Master's programme Mechanical Engineering at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg is rated well by students: The new CHE ranking shows that the transition to the Master's programme and the organisation of studies are particularly well received. For the ranking, the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) surveyed Master's students throughout Germany. More>> (German)

schneider_wilhelm_rheinbach_auszeichnung_beste_wirtschaftspruefer_news_31_03_2022_teasercut.png (DE)

Outstanding teaching in the field of auditing

The H-BRS has once again been recognised for its outstanding teaching in the field of auditing. In the ranking of Manager Magazin, the H-BRS achieved seventh place nationwide in the category of universities of applied sciences. The university already achieved this ranking in 2020. Compared to the ranking at that time, the H-BRS was even able to improve its grade to "very good". More>> (German)


First place for H-BRS in terms of student contentment

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg produces very satisfied graduates: according to a new study of the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT), it leaves all other universities in North Rhine-Westphalia behind in terms of student contentment. More>> (German)


Logo CHE-Ranking 400px (DE)

Computer Science with Top Results in CHE Master's Ranking

The Master's programmes at the Department of Computer Science received good ratings in the ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). Computer Science was particularly convincing in the categories of study organisation and courses offered. In addition to the current results, around 20 degree programmes of the H-BRS are represented from previous surveys. More>> (German)


G21e Rennwagen von BRS Motorsport bei der Formula Student Spain 2021 (DE)

Overall victory for BRS Motorsport at Formula Student Spain 2021

With the electric racing car Luna, the students of the BRS Motorsport team achieve the highest score of all teams in the disciplines "Design" and "Acceleration" at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. As the team also achieves very good results in the other disciplines, the score adds up to a convincing overall victory at the end of the four-day competition. More>>

Juergen Bode mit Zertifikat Vielfalt gestalten 20210309 Sceenshot

Shaping diversity: H-BRS receives certificate from the Stifterverband

In a two-year process, the H-BRS underwent the Diversity Audit of the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft) and received the "Shaping Diversity" (Vielfalt gestalten) certificate and much praise for its diversity strategy and the numerous measures that are now being implemented. More>> (German)


hackasat_siegertreppchen.png (DE)

To the moon and back – online at the Hack-A-Sat

A photo of the moon secured the FluxRepeatRocket team - made up of the best hackers from H-BRS, Ruhr University Bochum plus an expert from Stuttgart – the tidy sum of 20,000 dollars in prize money. The team had come third in the final of the US Air Force's Hack-A-Sat contest. More>>

studiengang_wirtschaftspsychologie_bachelor_cut.jpg (DE)

Top scores for business psychology in CHE Ranking 2020

Excellent results for H-BRS in the university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE): The degree programme Business Psychology receives high scores from students. The degree programmes Business Management and Business Information Systems also perform very well.  More>> (German)


absolventenfeier_20161022_foto_nathan_dreessen_102.jpg (DE)

Strong finish

The survey "Study and Career in NRW" lists an above-average number of graduates of the H-BRS in the standard period of study, as well as excellent values in study satisfaction and a higher proportion of those who pursue a Master's degree after the completion of their Bachelor's degree. More>> (German)



kinderuni-lego-mai-2014_33.jpg (DE)

University permanently certified as family-friendly

For the fifth time, H-BRS has undergone the process of being audited by berufundfamilie Service Gmbh. Following the most recent certification, H-BRS has now been allowed to permanently carry the "audit familiengerechte hochschule" certificate as of 10 December 2019. More>> (German)


b-it-bots_weltmeister_work_2019.jpg (DE)

b-it-bots world champions at the RoboCup in Sydney

The robotics team of the H-BRS has won the world championship title at the RoboCup in Sydney in July 2019. In the @work league, the team of students from the Department of Computer Science beat the University of Magdeburg and Singapore Polytechnic into second and third place. More>>

integrationspreis_2019_fuer_respekt_foto_rhein-sieg-kreis_0118.jpg (DE)


The university's "Respect!" initiative receives the first Integration Award of the Rhein-Sieg district in the category Preventive Measures. The project earns much praise from the selection committee, also for the wide range of events and the accessibility for the public. More>>

Fairtrade University Logo "Wir sind fairtrade university" (DE)

H-BRS certified as a Fairtrade University

The Fairtrade Universities are universities throughout Germany that actively promote fair trade. The campaign was launched by TransFair e.V. and anchors education for sustainable development in the German university landscape. The H-BRS is taking part - since May 2019 also as an award-winning Fairtrade University. More>>

b-it-bots-team_in_magdeburg_2019_teasercut.jpg (DE)

University team German Champion at RoboCup German Open 2019

The H-BRS b-it-bots team has won the championship title at the RoboCup German Open: In the @work league the computer science students won by a large margin. The team around computer science professor Paul Plöger also did well in the @home league. More>>

Logo CHE-Ranking 400px (DE)

H-BRS scores in national CHE ranking 2019

The Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg received good ratings in the CHE university ranking published in the ZEIT Study Guide 2019. The focus was on the faculties of Applied Natural Sciences and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism (EMT). From previous surveys, around 20 study programmes of the H-BRS are represented in the ranking. More>>


Globally positioned

In the current DAAD study "Profile Data on the Internationality of Higher Education Institutions", the university scored well, especially in the Master's programme. "It is excellent proof that our measures to internationalise the university are taking effect," says university president Hartmut Ihne. More>>

golc-preis2019_teasercut_gross-iris_schwandt-andrea_winzker-marco_foto_eva_tritschler_3975.jpg (DE)

Sweeping the awards left and right with the Remote Lab

Professor Dr Marco Winzker and colleague Andrea Schwandt receive the GOLC Online Lab Award 2019 in the Remote Lab category for their FPGA Remote Lab, awarded by the Global Online Laboratory Consortium. In 2018, the team was already able to enjoy a Award by the International E-Learning Association. More>>


Logo CHE-Ranking 400px (DE)

H-BRS scores again in the national CHE ranking

Good grades for the Department of Computer Science in terms of feasibility of degree programmes, international orientation, study situation, and links to professional experience from the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). More>> (German)


ars_legendi_preisverleihung_lehmann_preistraeger_bonn_20180426_foto_m._flacke.jpg (DE)

Professor Lehmann receives Ars legendi Award

Professor Dr. Klaus Lehmann from the Department of Natural Sciences receives the renowned Ars legendi Faculty Award for Excellent University Teaching in chemistry from Stifterverband (association of German donors) in 2018. More >> (German)


beratung_studierende_international_office_201711_foto_lichtenscheidt_68.jpg (DE)

Top of the Pops: Students award H-BRS high-class certificate

Thousands and thousands of students evaluate universities and degree programmes year after year on In the resulting ranking on the study portal of March 2018, the university effortlessly climbs the winner's podium. More>> (German)

Logo Wirtschaftswoche canvas 3 zu 2.jpg

H-BRS in Wirtschaftswoche ranking in the top ten

For the university ranking of Wirtschaftswoche, over 500 HR managers from small, medium-sized and large companies were asked from which universities they prefer to recruit graduates. Within the framework of this study in January 2018, the subjects Computer Science and Business Information Systems of the H-BRS were selected in the top ten. More>>


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