Food from Home, 5th Edition - an international cookbook

Tuesday 23 April 2019
Anyone who has lived for any length of time away from their homeland will agree that one of the things they miss the most is the food. For many, the smell, taste and even the very mention of a particular dish is a wonderful reminder of the people, places and shared events that took place back home.
Studentinnen und Mitarbeiterinnen des Studiengangs Master of Autonomous Systems beim Sommerfest 2013

by Iman Awaad

The international Master's Programme in Autonomous Systems (MAS) at H-BRS boasts many things: a renonwed, championship-winning RoboCup team, a top-notch reputation in research, and a diverse student body with its multidisciplinary academic backgrounds and national heritage.

A regular event which takes place once a year is the MAS party where students and staff alike (as well as their significant others and children, and of course alumni if they're nearby) bring along a dish to share with each other. Over the years, the impressive culinary talents of this tightly-knit community has impressed and satisfied many, with numerous recipes having been exchanged privately.

Food from Home, 5th Edition

In 2012, a call went out for contributions to the Hochschulsommerfest which had "Internationality" as one of the themes. A cookbook entitled "Food from Home", with recipes from our MAS community, seemed like a wonderful way to share a little bit of ourselves with the rest of the university and with each other.

An appeal for recipes went out and, before we knew it, incoming recipes started flowing. With those recipes, the first edition of our cookbook was put together. It made its first appearance at the Hochschulsommerfest at the MAS table where a number of us had also prepared some of our favorite dishes. The next Hochschulsommerfest in 2013 saw the second edition of the cookbook with the addition of more recipes, and with an even larger table of "food from home" at the event.

Now it's 2019 and the MAS degree programme and cookbook are still alive and well.