With Luna from workshop to airfield

Monday 29 November 2021
Filming appointment for the Formula Student Team BRS Motorsport: early in the morning, the students set off with the electric bolide Luna to the Bonn/Hangelar airfield, the team's testing ground. But after the exhausting season, Luna is not in shape this morning - the gearbox says goodbye after the first few metres. The racing car is packed up again and the team returns to the workshop, where the film team arrives a little later.
Studierende vom Team brs Motorsport und Faculty Advisor Prof. Dirk Reith mit Rennwagen Luna der in der Werkstatt
Repairing the gearbox.

In and at the team's workshop at the Turmcenter in Siegburg, Luna is made roadworthy again. The first two interviews with the film team are moved here without further ado. First it's the turn of Faculty Advisor Professor Dirk Reith, who talks about financing and his role at BRS Motorsport, among other things. Then - to the delight of his camera-shy colleagues - student Dennis Günther, treasurer, business plan manager and member of the club management, answers the questions of the camera team.

Das Team BRS Motorsport mit Bolide Luna vor den Hangars am Flugplatz Sankt Augustin
Alumnus Benedikt Wiencke is part of the BRS motorsport family.

A short time later, Luna is fit to fly again, but is nonetheless loaded first. It's off to the airfield in Hangelar, where pilot and team captain Daniel Röthgen gives the young bolide a little run between the hangars. Nearby, the interviewing continues, with three employees of sponsoring companies, including Benedikt Wiencke, a former chairman of the BRS Motorsport e. V. association and now team manager at Capgemini Engineering. Just like Boris Korlatzki, commercial director of Barlog Plastics, and Stefan Laartz, human resources manager at Otto Fuchs, he too is of the opinion that membership of Team BRS Motorsport cannot be valued highly enough.

The Movie: Never stop. BRS Motorsport.

Realisation/Writer/Director: Esther Hummel
Camera: Tim Trampert
Sound: David Marker
Editing: Tim Trampert

Never stop. BRS Motorsport. (German)

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