Regulations for examinations due to the flooding

Friday 23 July 2021
Rheinbach Campus will not be usable in the near future due to the severe rainstorm on 14 July 2021. In a letter to the students, Vice-President Marco Winzker explains how the current examinations will be conducted.
Das Audimax am Campus Rheinbach steht bis in die untersten Sitzreihen unter Wasser. Foto: Roger Strotmann
The lecture hall the day after the severe storm. Photo: H-BRS

Accordingly, examinations will take place as scheduled if possible or will be postponed by a few days in the examination period. For departments with a second examination period in September, a postponement into this second examination period may also be necessary in individual cases. This enables students to take the examinations. In this case, students are returned to the status they had before the disaster with regard to registration for all examinations. Those who wish to take the (possibly postponed) examinations do not need to re-register.

Regulation for withdrawals

On the topic of withdrawals, Winzker writes to the students: "If you have withdrawn from an examination by 14 July, we will take your withdrawal into account. Since we have to assume that the written withdrawals from 15 July until today (21 July 2021, editor's note) were made under the impression of the disaster and concerned the original examination date, we have not taken them into account for the time being - safeguarding your interests. If you do not wish to take part in the examinations and if communication is possible for you, we would be pleased if you would inform us again via the usual channels so we can plan the number of invigilators. If communication is not possible for you, you will not be disadvantaged as we will consider your non-attendance at examinations as of 15 July 2021 as a withdrawal. A non-attendance will therefore not be counted as a failed attempt."

Hochwasser am Campus Rheinbach
Under water: The university in the morning after the flood. Photo: H-BRS

The departments are continuing to examine whether, in exceptional cases, there can be additional compensation dates in September for individual examinations from July. It is not yet clear whether this will be possible from an organisational point of view. Since university employees are also affected by the extreme rainfall, this must be taken into account when planning.

The compensation dates would then make it possible for students to take an exam if they were unable to attend the exam date due to the consequences of the disaster caused by extreme rainfall. However, this is only possible for students who were also registered for the original examination and did not take it. A grade improvement or subsequent cancellation of the result in the sense of a free attempt is not possible. Students can obtain more detailed information on examinations in their degree programmes from the departments.