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Department of Management Sciences


A bridge between theory and practice

The bachelor's degree International Business (BSc) at the campuses in Rheinbach and Sankt Augustin includes an integrated compulsory internship in a company in Germany or abroad, which students usually complete during the 6th semester. The internship comprises at least 20 weeks with the company's usual weekly working time (fulltime employment) and ends at the latest after 27 weeks.

During the internship, the students are supervised by academic staff of the department. Students shall be supervised by a member of the university's teaching staff from the ranks of the authorised examiners (professors, lecturers for special tasks,  scientific staff et cetera). The choice of the supervisor is made independently by the students themselves. Please contact the supervisor of your choice directly.

By participating in an internship, students have to apply knowledge and skills acquired through specific tasks in the bachelor’s study programme and describe and evaluate the experiences gained during the internship.

The internship allows companies / institutions:

  • The use and testing of the students in a defined area of ​​activity,
  • The solution of minor problems,
  • The indirect influence on the practical relevance of the university.

The internship allows students:

  • The understanding of professional requirements and working conditions as well as professional activities in the organizational and social context,
  • The handling of practical problems (for example during projects) and the link with what has been learned during the course,
  • In some cases, the development of a theme for the bachelor thesis.

Many students complete their internship close to Cologne and Bonn, as they have an excellent offer of companies / institutions. In addition, students are increasingly taking the opportunity to gain professional experience abroad during the internship. The neighbouring European countries, the USA and Asia are the typical destinations for an internship abroad.

Students can find more detailed information about the internship in LEA. Each semester the department offers an information session that covers all pertinent details that need to be considered.

The staff of the International Office supports the students in finding an internship abroad. Furthermore they can inform the students about different funding programmes.