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Project days for schools

Arduino Ferienkurs
The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences invites interested students together with their teachers to get to know computer science and technology beyond school. Here, the students' skills can be addressed and they can test their abilities. Great emphasis is placed on teamwork. Please contact us.

Our offers:

The topics described here can be thematically expanded or adapted. For example, they are also suitable for a project week at your school. Feel free to contact us with your ideas!

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CAD - from your own drawing to the model

Duration: 4 h, from grade 5

CAD is the abbreviation for computer-aided design. The students gain their first experience with this and implement their own creative design in a model made of Styrofoam. To do this, they use a drawing program on the computer to design their own lettering or a silhouette. The design is sent to a Styrofoam cutting machine, which automatically cuts exactly the model designed by the students from a piece of Styrofoam. The Styrofoam models may be taken home. This program is suitable for a group size of up to 15 students.

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Robot course

Duration: 4 h, from grade 5

The students work with LEGO mindstorms, Sphero Bolt or the Ozobot. Using various models and sensors, the robots are to perform different tasks. A graphical programming language is used, which facilitates the introduction to programming and enables the students to work independently due to the graphical programming interface. This program is suitable for a group size of up to 14 students.

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Soldering course

Duration: 4 h, from class 5

Soldering involves joining two metal parts with molten solder. In electrical engineering, soldering is fundamental to connecting two components so that current can flow through them. Students learn the basics of soldering and get their first hands-on experience. This program is suitable for a group size of up to 14 students.

Microcontroller Ferienkurse GET together

Microcontroller course

Duration 4h, from class 5

Microcontrollers are small computers that can be programmed. Nowadays they are found in almost all technical devices. Therefore, students come into contact with them every day without realizing it (for example, through their cell phones, microwave ovens or toys). In this course, students get their first insights into the world of electrical engineering. They learn how to build electronic circuits and take their first steps in programming Arduino microcontrollers. Construction is done on small breadboards with electrical components that could also be used in traditional industrial circuits. This program is suitable for a group size of up to 14 students.

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Game Design

Duration 4h, from grade 5

In this course, students learn step by step how to program animations and computer games. They work with the graphical programming languages Scratch or Cospaces edu. Both development environments are browser-based and offer students a low-threshold and fun introduction to the world of programming. This program is suitable for a group size of up to 14 students.

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Renewable energies

Duration: from 4 h, from grade 8

At its core, this course is about renewable energy and sustainability coupled with the manufacture of such devices using renewable energy. Students learn about different materials, their properties and processing possibilities, as well as standard parts. They learn to read technical drawings and work according to them. They will work on hand-operated mills, saws and bending stations. They will drill holes, cut threads and solder the electrical installation of the respective motors/generators, light sources, solar modules. This program is suitable for a group size of up to 14 students.

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