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Refugee initiative at H-BRS

Our region has also become a new home for a very large number of refugees, many of whom will probably stay with us in the long term. The university has found its own appropriate response to the social challenges arising from the situation: offering education!
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Therefore a series of projects are in preparation or have already begun, in which the expertise and networks which already exist under the umbrella of the university can benefit refugees and other migrants. Some examples:

  • Updating qualifications for foreign academics: the BRS Institute for International Studies, a so-called An-Institut of our university, started a qualification course in business administration (BWL) on 1st December with 18 foreign academics, who arrived in our region as migrants or refugees.

They have all graduated in similar subjects at university level in their countries of origin – however, they often lack specific specialist knowledge and particular language skills, in order to find an adequate job in the German economy. In the practical further training course "Business Key Indicators and Controlling" they can get fit for the German job market in the next ten months at the university and in a company gaining practical experience. The course is part of the project "Integration through Qualification (IQ)", which is supported by the Otto Beneke Stiftung (Trust), by the Federal Ministry for Work and Welfare, as well as the European Social Fund. The Institute received approval at the end of  October for carrying out this training course for unemployed immigrant academics.

  • Teaching German: the Language Centre is going to train so-called language mentors. Language mentors are people from the university or outside, who teach refugees German on a voluntary basis. The Language Centre helps them with didactic tips and basic knowledge for teaching language. In addition, the intention is to offer language courses to refugees. In an appeal for donations the university has asked friendly companies for support in financing these courses.
  • Advice on studying: the Welcome Center and the general Student Advice give interested refugees advice on the possibilities to study on a regular basis at the university.
  • Faculty events: in almost all faculties individual events were opened or set up for refugees with previous educational training: e.g. programming courses in IT, an introductory course for engineering science, the scientific course "Developmental Biology".

Refugee initiatives of those responsible on local councils publicize what the university has to offer.

Ideas and the commitment of the university are bundled in the "Refugee-Initiative BRS" under the leadership of the Vice Presidents Prof. Jürgen Bode and Prof. Iris Groß, as well as the  appointee for diversity Prof. Annette Menke.