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Diversity at H-BRS

Respekt! Fair

Respekt! Fair is part of the initiative Respekt!. Events and activities around social, ecological and economic sustainability are the focus here. Students and employees can learn more about sustainable action through Respekt! Fair. In addition, they can get involved with their own ideas and actions.
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The H-BRS addresses sustainability and its ecological, economic and social aspects in various fields of action. Respekt! Fair focuses on strengthening and promoting sustainable action among all university members.

In this way, a contribution is made to sustainable campus life and impulses are given for a more sustainable everyday life.

For this purpose, Respekt! Fair offers various activities, information and inspiration.

Sustainability labels

One way to live more sustainably is to pay attention to how a product, food or clothing is made. Sustainability labels tell you whether the manufacturer has taken the environment into account, for example.

Sustainability labels, also known as green labels, are certifications that prove a company has methods and processes in place to develop sustainable products and infrastructure. There are several sustainability labels, each designed for a specific purpose.

Some of the main sustainability labels are listed below:

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