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Training workshops and seminars

In order to prepare medical facilities, tourism providers and other service providers for the many challenges involved in dealing with patients from abroad, Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences offers various training seminars for doctors and employees in clinics, rehabilitation facilities and group practices. Employees in the fields of tourism, patient care, interpreting and the hotel industry are also given an insight into the opportunities and risks of the ‘international patients’ business area.
The content of the seminars is practice-orientated and addresses current issues from everyday working life. All speakers have many years of experience in the respective subject areas and are among the leading medical tourism experts in Germany. The seminars usually take place over a full day.


Basic seminar offers:

  • Development of an ‘international patients’ business segment in the clinic 
  • Insight into international health tourism - figures / data / facts
  • The ‘International Patients’ business segment in the clinic for service providers/hotel industry 

Expert seminar offers:

  • Billing foreign patients (advanced seminar 1)
  • Legal principles in medical tourism (advanced seminar 2)
  • International patients: Marketing and controlling (advanced seminar 3)
  • Entering the CIS patient market (special seminar 1)
  • Entering the Arab patient market (special seminar 2)
  • Entering the Chinese patient market (special seminar 3)

New seminar offers:

  • new Compliance in medical tourism (compact seminar)
  • new Telemedicine in medical tourism
  • new Intercultural workshops for dealing with foreign patients from Arabic/Russian-speaking countries (basic seminar)   
  • new Quality assurance and certification (special seminar 4)
  • new Effects of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) on the treatment of international patients (compact seminar)

Online-Inhouse seminares

The events can also be booked as in-house seminars. Seminars are also held at irregular intervals in various federal states. Further information is available on request. It is also possible to organise further training events via online conference.

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