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In English, please.

Thursday 17 May 2018

"In English, please." is a programme in which the Language Centre offers all those who work at the university the opportunity to discover and use the English language in different ways. In addition to courses offered by the Language Centre, the aim of "In English, please." is to give staff and faculty the opportunity to follow their own interests and exchange information in English in various formats.
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Since autumn 2017 this has been happening in the form of a Stammtisch, Tuesdays at 12.15 in the Mensa Sankt Augustin. We meet here every week to chat in plain and simple English about everyday life. Depending on the members, the subjects vary from talking shop to private matters. This offer is to be extended to two weekdays in Sankt Augustin and an additional meeting in Rheinbach. The Christmas Carol Singing in Sankt Augustin was also held under the banner of "In English, please.".

What would you like to do? High tea instead of a coffee break? An English-language reading? A pub night with the obligatory quiz? A debating society? A movie night with an introduction? All this and more is "In English, please.".

If we have sparked your curiosity, you can either register on LEA or contact us personally, by email or on the phone. We also welcome suggestions and ideas to expand our program.

"In English, please." is an initiative of the Language Centre kindly supported by the Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity and the Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education.


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Daniel Seibert

M.A., Deputy Director of the Language Centre, Senior Lecturer in English, Coordinator of the English programme (Department of Computer Science)


Sankt Augustin


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