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Language Centre

Recognition of external courses and exams

If you have taken a language course at another university or comparable institution and passed examinations there, these may be recognised.

The application for recognition of courses and exams must be submitted upon applying at the university; please note that the deadlines are 30 April when you enrol in the summer semester and 31 October when you enrol in the winter semester.

The recognition procedure is carried out by the examination board responsible for the respective degree programme (in the case of language courses, the department may consult with the respective language coordinator in the Language Centre). In order to have courses and exams recognised, please contact the respective examination board in your department.

As a rule, external courses and exams can be recognised as soon as the following three criteria are met:

  1. Subject-specific comparability, i.e. the competencies acquired must essentially correspond to the learning outcomes according to the module handbook.
  2. Information on the ECTS credits achieved (or alternatively an indication of the workload that allows to calculate the equivalent ECTS credits)
  3. Assessment in the form of a grade or score (including the corresponding scale)

Courses and exams taken at school as well as international language certificates cannot be recognised.