Writing Centre German

Dear students, due to the present situation, all German writing coaching appointments will be by telephone or online until further notice. Please contact

The Language Centre offers writing centres for both German and English, including workshops and individual coaching sessions. The aim of the workshops and individual coaching sessions is to teach fundamental writing techniques and to support students who have specific problems in writing term papers or final theses.

Gabriele Menne is helping a student with his texts.

The Writing Centre German is a service available to all students from all departments. The aim is to support students in academic and professional writing.


In workshops and individual coaching sessions, students can discuss their texts and receive tips and guidance on the following topics:

  • The specifics of different types of texts (academic papers, thesis, seminar papers, work placement reports, final papers, applications et cetera)
  • Topic identification and acquisition of literature
  • Reading strategies
  • Structuring your paper
  • Relevant information on academic language structures and styles
  • Citing and quotations
  • Linguistic revision / reviewing and reworking your text
  • Overcoming writer's block
  • Tips on further reading / internet sites/ workshops on writing techniques


Coaching sessions:

During term:

  • Rheinbach: Tuesday, 14:00 - 16:15, library: literature room
  • Sankt Augustin: Monday, 14:00 - 16:15, library: literature room

In the semester break individual appointments can be made.



  • Die wichtigsten Regeln der deutschen Rechtschreibung
  • Sag mir, wo die Kommas stehen … Kommaregeln im Deutschen
  • Gelernt? Vergessen? - Basics der deutschen Grammatik
  • Haus- und Bachelorarbeiten schreiben – Einleitung und Fazit
  • Haus- und Bachelorarbeiten schreiben – Texte sinnvoll zusammenfassen
  • Haus- und Bachelorarbeiten schreiben – Stilistik: Richtig und überzeugend formulieren
  • Haus- und Bachelorarbeiten schreiben - Englische Quellen ins Deutsche übertragen


Information on the workshop content is available on LEA, where you also could register.