Psychological counseling service for students

Health not only affects the back, but also the soul and heart. You have worries? Talk to us, we're happy to help.

Student emergency number:

Thomas Kusch
Tel. +49 151 2111 2201


Psychological counseling services of the department:

Andrea Kühne

Tel. +49 2241 865 721

Dirk Windemuth

Tel. +49 162 4064 234


Guidance counsellors of the department

Susanne Peters-Lange

Tel. +49 2241 865 178

Christian Rexrodt

Tel. +49 2241 865 168


Psychological counseling center of the Studierendenwerk Bonn

Tel: +49 228 737 106


Psychological and psychotherapeutic competence

Thomas Kusch
Psychotherapy practitioner

Dirk Windemuth

Andrea Kühne
B.Sc. Applied Psychology
Coach for stress and emotion regulation

The psychological counseling center of the Studierendenwerk has a team of psychologists with extensive experience in counseling, in clinical psychology and with a psychotherapeutic background. Specialist areas are depth psychology, psychoanalysis, systemic therapy and trauma therapy.


Consulting offer

If necessary, you can contact qualified people and confidants with whom you can talk informally and anonymously - about acute or long-standing problems, about oppressive feelings or about what is currently occupying and stressing you.

We are interested in your worries and concerns and help you to develop new perspectives. Our advice is free and discreet. Everything we discuss stays with us.

Further offer of help: