Analysis of systems for transporting green hydrogen – sub-project of H-BRS: Modelling and analysis of mechatronic components for coupled hydrogen networks

Project description

TransHyDE-Sys is a system analysis project and is a joint project within the lead project TransHyDE. In addition to the system analysis, there are also implementation and research projects on the topic of H2 transport within the lead project. As a cross-sectional project, the system analysis performs a special function: On one hand, essential system knowledge for the construction and coupling of the energy infrastructures is generated with the help of own modeling and simulation work as well as ecological analyses. On the other hand, observations, analyses and requirements of the implementation and research projects are to be recorded, compared and integrated within existing knowledge. The results are to be incorporated into a continuously adapted roadmap, which will then help shape the content of the next project phases and provide important recommendations for action for external stakeholders.

The sub-project MechaMod of H-BRS focusses on the development of physical-chemical models for all relevant mechatronic components of networks for transport of different gas compositions to be analyzed. This includes components for coupling gas and power networks and for driving gas networks, especially electrolysers, fuel-cell power plants, compressor and regulator stations. A particular challenge consists in modeling dependencies from the actual gas composition including impurities. Prototypes of the novel models will be integrated into the simulation frameworks used by partners.

As a main result, models for the relevant mechatronic components shall be available, based on differential equations and characteristic maps and allowing for system simulation and analysis of potential transformation pathways to a hydrogen transport infrastructure. An accompanying analysis of technical limits and contingency scenarios will be performed.

Additional contributions support model comparison, life cycle analysis, cooperation with stakeholders and the roadmap.

Project manager at H-BRS

Prof. Dr Tanja Clees

Engineering, particularly Informatics for Engineers, Modeling and Simulation
TREE - Member of Executive Board
Porträt Tanja Clees
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