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In unison: fair - respectful - diverse

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For us, fairness, respect and diversity form the basis of cooperation based on partnership among all university staff members.
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At Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University we strive to solve conflicts or to prevent them from even coming up. Should you be affected by bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment, you will find related consultation offerings and contacts on this web page.

Guidelines on fair behaviour at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (PDF)

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office records all violations against the Guidelines on fair behaviour and reports to the President’s Office and the Senate once a year. Furthermore, the office takes on the responsibility, if necessary, of making recommendations on how to organise our university’s “conflict management system” within the framework of reporting; it does so based on the information provided by the various consultation services.

The members of the Ombuds Office include:

  1. General Students’ Committee, AStA
  2. Pia Stapelfeldt (Personnel Management Department)
  3. Guido Krause (Disability Commissioner)
  4. Olaf Stock (Council for Academic Staff)
  5. Katja Kluth (Consultant for Curriculum Design and Accreditation)
  6. Dr Barbara Hillen (Equal Opportunities Commissioner)
  7. Roberta Hodel (Ombudsperson)
  8. Prof. Dr Klaus Lehmann (Professors representative)
Contacts for confidential matters

For students:

Psychotherapy Consultation Service of the Bonn Student Union
Tel: +49 228 73-7106

For staff:

Corporate Social Consultation Service at Bonn University
(Betriebliche Sozialberatung an der Universität Bonn)
Tel: +49 228 287-164 55
Email: (link sends email)

For all university members:

'HELP' Consultation Service
Tel: +49 2241 865-652