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Dezernat 5: Student Affairs and Student Advice Centre

De-registration and transition from Bachelor to Master

Please find further information on the process how to successfully transit from your Bachelor's to your Master's studies at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (internal applicants only).

It is possible to enrol in an admission-free (NC-free) Master’s programme if you have applied for the Master's programme on time, a conditional admission has been granted for the Master programme applied for,  and you have submitted the final Bachelor certificate by 31.10. for the winter semester and by 30.04. for the summer semester.

For the transition from the Bachelor's programme to the Master's programme, it is important that you note the additional expenditure of time for correction after you have submitted the Bachelor's thesis. This could lead to the fact that it is no longer possible thaty you begin the Master studies in the following semester.

If you wish to continue studying in a Master's programme you should apply and enroll as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

1. De-registration on request

You may submit at any time a request to de-register on the current date. When you apply for de-registration, you must sign out at the university library and have this sign out confirmed on the application. After you have handed in the fully signed de-registration request and your student ID, the Registrar's Office will send you the de-registration certificate, usually on the same day.

If you need a certificate stating that you have not finally failed any examination, please contact the Examination Office. A retroactive request is only possible within the following five years.

Please note! We can reimburse the semester fees only if you have applied for de-registration and the reimbursement of fees before the lectures start.

2. De-registration due to missing re-registration

We will  remove you from the register of students ex officio at the end of a semester if you

  •     have not paid the semester contribution and fee in full and/or
  •     have not submitted the required documents (health insurance certificates, internships et cetera) within the time limits set.
3. De-registration after finally failed  examinations or lost entitlement to take exams

If you have finally failed an exam or definitively lost the right to take the exam, you will be de-registered ex officio after the legal validity of the notice.

4. Reimbursement of the semester fees

If you will be de-registered before the start of lectures, the semester fees may be reimbursed if you submit a request for reimbursement of fees before the start of lectures. You must return the student ID card together with the request for reimbursement of fees. If  you submit the request for removal from the register of students at or after the start of lectures, we are unable to refund the fees.