De-registration (Exmatrikulation)


With the de-registration, studies and membership at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences are terminated.

This also means that the right to use the student ID card including the semester ticket expires. The student ID card must be returned to the University of Applied Sciences with de-registration.

Special regulation for the summer semester 2020 due to corona pandemic

In its meeting held on 06.05.2020, the President's Office has made the following decisions:

"If the examination of a student with which the study programme could have been completed in the summer semester 2020 is postponed to the winter semester 2020/21 until 31.10.2020 due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the student may apply that he/she no longer needs to be enrolled to take these examinations in this examination semester. This regulation applies in specific cases, in particular in the case of social hardship. A re-registration is not necessary in this case!

"The request must be submitted in writing or by e-mail to the responsible examination board by the end of the summer semester 2020 (31.08.2020) and shall include a brief explanation. If the student does not pass the corresponding examination in the winter semester 2020/21 by 31.10.2020, he/she can re-register retroactively for the winter semester 2020/21."

If a late re-registration is necessary, please contact the Registrar's Office directly or by 31.10.2020 at the latest. No late payment fee will be charged.

Anyone who, in accordance with paragraph 1, has completed his/her studies by 31 October 2020 without being enrolled and after that leaves the university will be de-registered ex officio at the end of the 2020 summer semester.

It is still possible to enrol in an admission-free (NC- free) Master's programme  for the winter semester 2020/2021 until 31.10.2020 if  at least a conditional admission to the Master's programme has been granted and an application and enrolment form has been submitted in due time.

1. De-registration on request

You may submit at any time a request to de-register on the current date. When you apply for de-registration, you must sign out at the university library and have this sign out confirmed on the application. After submitting the fully signed de-registration request and your student ID, you will receive a de-registration certificate from the Registrar's Office, usually on the same day.

Please note! A reimbursement of the semester fees can only be made if you have applied for de-registration and the reimbursement of fees before the start of lectures.

2. De-registration due to missing re-registration

You will be removed from the register of students ex officio at the end of a semester if you

  •     have not paid the semester contribution and fee in full and/or
  •     have not submitted the required documents (health insurance certificates, internships etc.) within the time limits set.

3. De-registration due to final examinations by 31.03. or 30.09.

If you have successfully completed all of your final exams including the colloquium by the end of the calendar month following the end of the semester (i.e. March or September, also called “Kulanzmonat”), you do not need to re-register for the following semester. You will be treated as if you had completed your studies in the preceding summer or winter semester. For organisational reasons those who choose this option will receive a certificate of de-registration in the month of February or July of the current semesters owing to missing re-registration. After the successful completion of the colloquium, a new de-registration certificate will be issued, stating the exam date and that you have “passed the final exam”

Please note!!! If you do not re-register, you will not have student status for the month of September or March. However, registration or taking of the last exam (colloquium) is guaranteed for the "Kulanzmonat". If the practial semester is your final exam assignment, re-registration is absolutely necessary due to the fact that student status is required for the contractual partner.

If you wish to continue your studies in a Master's degree programme after passing the final exam, please pay close attention to the information on deadlines provided on the information sheet “Instructions: Final Examinations” on the right-hand side of this page.

4. Participation in exams in the second exam period if de-registration has already taken place

You can take exams in the second exam period (at the beginning of the new semester) without having re-registered for that semester (example: de-registration at the end of the winter semester as of 28.02., participation in exams in March is possible).

5. De-registration after finally failed exam or lost entitlement to take exams

If you have finally failed an exam or definitively lost the right to take the exam, you will be de-registered ex officio after the legal validity of the notice.

6. Reimbursement of the semester fees

If de-registration takes place before the start of lectures, the semester fees may be reimbursed if you submit a request for reimbursement of fees before the start of lectures. The student ID card must be returned together with the request for reimbursement of fees. If the request for removal from the register of students is submitted at or after the start of lectures, a reimbursement of fees is not possible.

Registrar's Office

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