A bridge between theory and practice

The bachelor’s degree programmes Business Management, Business Administration and Business Psychology include a internship of at least 16 weeks (study programme Business Administration) or 20 weeks (all other study programme) and 27 weeks at the most which is integrated into the course of studies.

The internship allows the students to become familiar with the professional reality. Students apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of study to concrete tasks and describe and evaluate these practical experiences.

Wherever possible they ought to participate in the solution of business problems, for example in the course of business projects.

The internship provides an opportunitiy for companies/institutions

  • to test the assignment of students to marked-off fields of activity and become aware of their capabilities,
  • to let the students solve smaller problems,
  • to indirectly exert influence on the practical orientation of the university.

The students have the opportunity

  • to discover specific business activities in an organisational and social context,
  • to get familiar with the work conditions and challenges of their future careers,
  • to work on practical problems and relate them to the knowledge acquired in the course of study,
  • to possibly find a topic for the later bachelor’s thesis.

The internship may also be completed abroad. The department provides information on the specific admission requirements for a internship abroad. For further information please refer to the International Office.


In case you would like to offer a place for a internship please send the tender in PDF format to:

If you have any questions concerning the internship, please contact:

  • Business Management (B.Sc.), Sankt Augustin Campus: Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH) Sonja Atai
  • Business Management (B.Sc.), Rheinbach Campus: Dipl.-Kff. (FH) Antje Röbbert
  • Business Administration (B.A.): Dipl.-Kff. (FH) Antje Röbbert
  • Business Psychology (B.Sc.): Dipl.-Kff. (FH) Antje Röbbert