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Business Psychology (MSc)

Structure of the Master's degree programme in Business Psychology

The Master's degree programme is based on the three pillars of (business) psychology, methodology and supplementary subjects. By choosing compulsory subjects from the field of (business) psychology, you have the opportunity to specialise in a desired direction.

You choose 2 modules from the following 4 modules:

  • Occupational Psychology
  • Personnel and organisational psychology
  • Market and advertising psychology
  • Financial Psychology

These cross-semester compulsory elective subjects are intended to enable project-oriented work in groups, in which students learn, among other things, to acquire new knowledge and skills independently and to carry out largely self-directed and/or autonomous projects (e.g. the development of an assessment centre).

The supplementary subjects offer a further opportunity to specialise. Here you have the opportunity to choose one of the following two supplementary subjects:

  • Environmental Psychology
  • Business studies

In order for students to achieve a high level of methodological competence, the modules Multivariate Procedures and Research Methods, the module Applied Diagnostics and a project work are offered as compulsory components in the first and second semesters.

In these modules, the methodological knowledge from the Bachelor's degree programme is expanded or deepened and applied to an individual project question as part of the project seminar.

This can be a practice-orientated project or a question from current research. There is also the possibility that this will result in a question for the Master's thesis in the third semester. The topics should come from the areas of work and environment, personnel and organisation or market and consumption.

Grafische Übersicht des Studiengangs Wirtschaftspsychologie (Stand: 10/2021)


Descriptions of the individual modules can be found in the Master's module handbook.